[trunk] backward compatibility issues breaking page layout (regression)

• Dec 8, 2010 - 21:55
S2 - Critical

This file created with Musescore doesn't render correctly anymore with SVN.
It seems the glitch is triggered by key signature changes.

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I couldn't find the overfull measure. did you mean the first page ?
Should Musescore accept overfull measure or is it a bug ?

I investigated a bit, and my problem begins 3rd page, 3rd line, 3rd bar.
There is an undeletable pause on the first staff. When I select it, the bounding box is bigger than the the measure.
All following measures are then badly layouted, the notes on the first staff are then only in the second half of each measure.

There is a dottet whole note in measure five on the second staff. It should not be possible to input an overful measure, so its a MuseScore bug. MuseScore cannot handle this kind of measures.
It would be interesting to know how you entered this measure.

Title [trunk] key signature changes breaking page layout (regression) [trunk] backward compatibility issues breaking page layout (regression)

I've found the note you meant. I can remove the dot, but it gets replaced by a silence.
It seems allowed me to enter this measure and trunk handles it differently.
I only reinstalled MuseScore because I wanted to export the latest version as PDF.
This bug is not the most important since it only add a small silence and doesn't break the layout.
I initially thought it was caused by key signatures because the most visible change with are the weird duplicated key changes.
But the important layout breaking issue only begins on the second page with the measure which has an anormally big selection box.
I attach the PDF I had exported when I had I hope my issues will be clearer by comparing both files.

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