[trunk r.3775] Header / footer disregard font family and size

• Dec 19, 2010 - 10:32
S4 - Minor

Setup: trunk rev. 3775 under:
Ubuntu 10.04, Qt SDK 10.02 (Qt lib 4.6.2)
Windows XP w/ SP3, Qt SDK 2010.04 (Qt Creator 2.0.0, Qt lib 4.7.0)

Issue: Page headers and footers are always shown in FreeSans 10 pt. regardless of the settings in "Style | Edit Text Styles... | Header / Footer".

Comment: Apparently the Page::draw() method relies on HTML for proper formatting, but the HTML document for header / footer L/C/R only contains default font info (as it can be seen in a saved .mscx).

Also, is HTML really necessary here? I appreciate the added flexibility of formatting differently small(er) segments of the headers / footers, but not at the expenses of style sheet applicability.




The style of the header/footer is defined completly in the html, so the special text style header/footer is not used anymore and should be removed.
The header/footer horizontal alignment can only be defined in the html without expanding the text styles for header/footer to six different styles (left-middle-right).
I wont give up the html fomatting as it also opens the possibility to add images to the header/footer.

Status (old) active fixed

So, if I understand correctly, the supported way to format header / footer is to:

0) Ignore the "Style | Edit Text Style... | Header / Footer" dlg box
1) Go to "Style | Edit General Styles... | Header, Footer, Numbers"
2) Set the required formatting of each relevant element in the rich text edit box open by the "..." button next to each one.

I tried and, in fact, IT WORKS!

"I wont give up the html fomatting as it also opens the possibility to add images to the header/footer."
Does this means that, in those text edit boxes, I can insert explicit HTML code like "<table>" "<img>" and so on?



Once you know where it is, it's perfect.
Perhaps the "Edit" button should be labeled so, and not "....." which induces that it is a navigator button