Unable to apply note-tie

• Oct 12, 2015 - 14:38

MS 2.0.2 / Win 7 / Win 10.

Open attached score (Guitar staff and Tab). Try to create a note tie between the two D#'s in bar 2. Nothing happens. But you can create a tie between the corresponding notes in tablature.

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You're right. If you copy and paste bars 1 and 2 into subsequent measures, the tie function is restored.

There is no indication of corruption in measure 2, so the question is why does copying and pasting restore the function?

I think I have figured out the bug. It happens if there is a grace note on the same beat as the note we are trying to tie to, in a higher numbered voice or in a second staff. Which is the say, it is the grace note B in the *tab* staff that is preventing the tie from working here.

The problem occurs because we are not being picky enough here:


We should first of all use a temporary variable rather than overwrite note2, but also, we should probably be checking to be sure we don't end *preferring* a grace note in another track over a normal note in the same track.

Please file this to the issue tracker and include a link to this thread.

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