Articulation not copied

• Oct 21, 2015 - 18:23
Graphical (UI)

I have a partition with a lot of staccato notes.

When copying and pasting a note that has a staccato dot, the dot isn't copied. Same for other articulations. Only the note is pasted, not the articulations associated with it.

Using lasted 2.1 git version.


As I said, I built the last git version and it doesn't work (I'm on Linux Mint 17.2).

I also installed the stable version 2.0.2, and it doesn't work either.

If I copy a measure or multiple notes at the same time (when there is a blue rectangle), articulations get copied.

You're right, I was wrong, I'm sorry. The single note is copied without articulation. On Vista, with 2.0.2 and Nightly 130c710 :(


Articulations are attached to chords, not single notes. Select the whole chord so that you have a range selection rather than a single note selection (or select an actual range of chords) and articulations come along.

It is possible we could special case situations where a single note is selected, but in general, there are lots of other things that differ as well between single selections and range selections (eg, use of the selection filter), so better to just get in the habit of using the appropriate type of selection, as there will always be things that just will not work with only a single selection.

I don't understand why it is this way. It makes more sense to me to attach to a single note - in that way a chord built there would just inherit the single note's articulations.

If you have a chord of three notes, surely you don't want three staccatos on it. But if the staccato were attached to just one of the three notes, then it wouyld disappear as soon as you deleted that note even though the other two remained. It is for reasons like this that it definitely makes much more sense for articulations to attach to chords, not individual notes - keeping in mind that what *appears* to be a single note is always a chord that *contains* that single note.

Hum, but if I only have one note, so how do you select a chord? That's not obvious.

Could MuseScore check to see if there only one note, and in that case, it would copy the articulation?

Selecting a range is done by clicking the first chord of the range, shift+clicking the last. For a range of one note, you can just skip the initial click. You can also select ranges using shift plus arrow keys. So, click a note to selct it, shift+right to extend the selection right, then shift+left to reduce the selection again to a range consisting of just the initial note and it's chord.

Again, yes, it's probably possible to special case articulation copying, but still, sooner or later, you need to deal with the difference between a single or list selection and a range selection, as many other operations only make sense on ranges.