Changing lyrics font size

• Oct 26, 2015 - 02:41

I have opened a 1.3-created score in 2.0.2 and changed some of the lyrics. However, the old and new lyrics are different font sizes. I have tried right clicking some lyric text, selecting "all similar elements", opening "text properties" and then clicking "reset to style". That changes only the word on which I right clicked to an extremely small font size but doesn't affect the rest of the selected text. Is anyone able to advise me how to change all the lyrics font size at one go?


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Thanks, Marc. That worked. Now I have the same issue with instrument names. Some instruments were added to the score in 2.0 and they are a significantly different size. I tried selecting them and using the Inspector to reset to style, but it doesn't have any effect; nor does altering the font size in Text Style.

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Thank you J-S. That worked, but you can only do one instrument at a time. I deleted everything in the Long Instrument Name and Short Instrument Name boxes except the actual name of the instrument. It then goes to the default font setting. It seems to be the only way of doing it.

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The trick will be that these elements are generated on the fly based on where the system breaks occur. So even if you fixed the instrument names as they currently appear via select all similar, that won't help the next time the layout changes and instrument names are generated anew.

I'm not a big fan of dialogs that pop up on import asking you questions, but it is possible we could try detect places where the instrument name text differs from the style settings and ask you if you want to correct them.

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