Crash in Tab staff with cursor by adding higher note values to those in the standard staff before crossing the barline

• Oct 26, 2015 - 11:00
S2 - Critical

Nigthly 130c710 / Windows 7

1) New score in the wizard for Guitar + Guitare Tab (non linked), measure 3/4 eg

2) Enter in the standard staff a half note and a quarter note, or open this file (not with the 2.0.2, but with a Nighly recent): test file.mscz

Understanding now that my purpose is not to copy-paste the content of the standard staff in the Tab staff, for a reason that I should explain later in the forum probably (to sum, I try to create a score for a non-chromatic plucked instrument). So:

3) Select the Tab staff, and enter with keyboard and arrow keys, first, a half note (on any string, no matter). It works.

4) By mistake (it was mine!), continue to enter a second half note, or eventually a dotted quarter note, in short, a higher note value to the quarter note in standard staff.

Result: crash
Crash 27 août.jpg

-It works of course by entering the same note values in standard staff vs. Tab staff, or by entering the numbers in the Tab staff with the mouse.

NB: I located this issue on August 27. Explanation a little later.