[1.0-pre1] Transpose by Key sometimes doesn't work correctly

• Jan 13, 2011 - 19:54
S4 - Minor

This bug is frustrating me so much right now (in the sense that I can't find the exact steps).
It has been referenced in a few other threads (such as nodes http://musescore.org/en/node/3096 and http://musescore.org/en/node/8239), but those were more based on questions the person had, rather than trying to report the bug.
So... here we are... working in 1.0-pre1... Mac 10.6.6

Basically, when transposing by key... SOMETIMES it doesn't work correctly.
The basics of what I'm doing:
1. New score for voice in C in 4/4
2. Press 'C' 16 times for 4 full measures of quarter notes
3. Add a key signature on the third measure
4. Select the third, or the third and fourth measures
5. Notes --> Transpose:
Transpose by key, closest, choose a different key, transpose key signatures, click OK

Result: Always changes notes correctly. SOMETIMES changes key signatures correctly, but sometimes changes key signature in measure 3 and in measure 1 (which shouldn't be changing in the first place) incorrectly.

The crazy thing is, I can do seemingly the same thing a bunch of times, and get different results.
Clicking on measure 3 so the whole measure is highlighted... transpose... success
Undo, Unselecting everything...
Clicking on measure 3 so the whole measure is highlighted... transpose (to the same key as before)... FAIL!
repeat last two lines... success...
repeat... success...
repeat... fail...

What in the world is going on here...


I'm not sure how I could be more precise... as it doesn't happen every time...
I've tried selecting the measure by doing a first note, shift-click on last note... last note, shift-click on first note... click on a blank area in the measure to get the whole thing... could not find a pattern to when it does or doesn't work...
I've tried many different keys starting out or going to, but same problem of not finding a pattern...

is there any way you had in mind that I could possibly be more precise?

What we need is steps to reproduce every time (otherwise it is unreliable to test whether the problem has been fixed). You could try sharing a screencast . Others may notice something that you didn't include in the steps. If you have not made a screencast before, you might find the following website useful: http://screenr.com/

Yeah, I know, this is why I was hesitant to make an issue for it until Thomas told me to in the forum.

Here's a basic screencast of me doing it one time incorrectly and one time correctly right in a row. Things to note are me pressing 'c' to make the notes, 'esc' in the middle to unselect the measure, and the undo shortcut to undo the change.
(ignore the sound... just somebody tinkling on our piano as I made it)

I'll try a longer one with more trials in it later so you can see more.

Edit: oh yeah, I'm in pre2 in that screencast