[GP]: Empty scores when opening .gpx files, related to layout

• Nov 12, 2015 - 21:52
S3 - Major

Nightly 421f366 / Windows 7

1) Load this file: Leçon 9 Vol.1.gpx
or others (I have many others...):
Leçon 74 Vol.1.gpx
Leçon 77 Vol.1.gpx
Leçon 78 Vol.1.gpx

Same result: no notes, empty scores

Remark: I can fix all these scores, first, simply by opening GP6 and by activating the "design mode" (the GP layout, in other words). mode Active.jpg

Then by adding or subtracting a measure in the first system. I save, and that's all.
By reopening with MuseScore, all notes entered in voice 1 reappear.
For instance, see the result for:

A Leçon 9 Vol.1.gpx
A Leçon 74 Vol.1.gpx
A Leçon 78 Vol.1.gpx


Indeed, it works with these files:
- Leçon 9 Vol.1.gpx
- Leçon 74 Vol.1.gpx
- Leçon 78 Vol.1_1.gpx
With this one, I get a crash: Leçon 77 Vol.1_0.gpx
The crash occurs from the first measure: 77g.gpx

According to my understanding, and what I see in GP6, the first eighth rest and the dotted half note of the bass line are in the same voice (2, green color)! Don't know how it is possible. See next image (the other eighth notes of the melodic line were entered in voice 3...)

If I re-enter this measure with GP6 in the rules of art (strictly Voice 2 for D dotted bass line, and Voice 1 for the eighth rest and the following eighth notes), all is well at the opening: two voices.gpx

EDIT: As you can see, this D dotted half note has no dot...: its corresponds to this other bug:
#86921: [GP] Dots are not displayed in .gpx format