[GP] In a multivoices context, Voices 2-3-4 are lost in the .gpx format

• Nov 19, 2015 - 17:08
S2 - Critical

Nightly 421f366 / Windows7


- GP5 (.gp5 format) supports two voices ("Lead" and "Bass".) MuseScore supports this.

- GP6 (.gpx format) supports four voices.
gp voices.jpg


1) Load this file (created from scratch with GP6): Four voices vs one voice.gpx

Expected result: the four voices (as I have entered into GP, see image below) are displayed.
four voices.jpg

Actual result: only the voice 1 is showed. All others voices are lost.
one voice.jpg
With Tab in part:
deux portées.jpg

Note: considering the important lost data, I put as critical status


Great! Thanks so much for the efforts to improve the import of GP6 files, with these three last commits. A trifecta in order!
Some issues remain (eg I look for the grace note in the "weird" measure 9: https://musescore.org/en/node/90526#comment-421021)
I think it is a (big?) bug of GP6 (I tried with the last update, version 6.1.9, with the same results). I can reproduce from scratch, but I need to check more fully with others files.

By pending, this solution is the more cautious : https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/commit/696c25fb6be94a80e49f55dbc…
(because I see some things more severe (ie corruption -> crash) with the grace notes, always in GP, and this commit allows of course to avoid them, from what I see for now)