Sforzando in handbook?

• Nov 14, 2015 - 19:46
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Hi everyone.

Is it just me, or does MuseScore really not have the sforzando element available in the pallette?

It's a symbol that is supposed to look like the marking "sf" on a score.

Earlier instructions (yes, I've googled) indicated a create-text-dynamics menu, but that has obviously changed since so that it no longer exists probably due to renaming, and the online handbook does not have the word sforzando or sforzato in at all.

Any ideas?


Title Sforzando? Sforzando in handbook?
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Yes, indeed, advanced was the answer, but why on earth is there no mention of the word sforzando in the online handbook so as to point users to click on the advanced button of the pallette?

Can someone please update the handbook so that it actually mentions all elements in the interface so people don't end up thinking they don't actually exist?

Googling and searching the online handbook and the musescore website turned up nothing on sforzando except for old threads that were no longer relevant.

So perhaps this should be changed to a task so that the handbook is updated to reflect musical terminology elements.

Well, I didn't know I can do that, but certainly I wouldn't want to be editing it as most assuredly there are guidelines to editing it that I am not familiar with.

I'll leave it up to the more experienced people around to put this into the handbook.


(What is the point of the basic view anyways? Shouldn't people have all options available by default anyways? Anyway, just a thought. I did look in preferences for more options in the pallette, but couldn't find anything. I didn't notice the button at the bottom of the pallette in terms of showing more symbols. Perhaps this option should be copied into the preferences tabs as people might very well look for it there as well as I did?)

FWIW, the point of the Basic workspace is to not overwhelm newbioes with every symbol that could possibly exist in the world, and to instead make it easier to find the most common symbols.

Having more to choose from is always better than what happened to me as you can see above.

People could always switch back to basic if they really wanted to. Also, perhaps they'd learn a bit more.

Who is MuseScore for afterall, pop stars or professional musicians?