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• Nov 23, 2015 - 18:39

I cannot alter the measure size or things like staff distance. When I click apply nothing happens. Any ideas?


What exactly do you mean by 'alter measure size'? Width, height, number of beats?
What exactly doo you mean by 'staff distance'? Distance between 2 lines of a staff? Distance beween 2 staves? Between 2 systems (Watch out for min. and max. distance there)? Between the 2 staves of a Grand Staff?

The size of a measure is normally correct according standard rules of music engraving; you should not normally need to adjust it. But if you have some sort of non-standard situation that causes you to need a particular measure wider or narrower than normal, select it and press "{" or "}" to decrease or increase the "stretch" applied to that measure.

For distance between staves, as noted, there are different distance settings available in Style / General / Page, so be sure you have the right one. Staff distance is distance between staves representing different instruments within a single system. Grand staff distance is distance between staves representing the *same* instrument within a single system (eg, the two staves for piano). System distance is distance btween systems, and as noted, you can set a minimum and maximum independently so MuseScore automatically "stretch" systems to fill the page as desired.

The point is any changes made under general style including staff distance, system distance measure size etc will not work on Musescore 2. With the previous Musescore version the changes would occur after clicking "Apply". However, clicking "apply" now does nothing. I teach music in high school and we use this program for composition so I am concerned that this limits the way the compositions are presented. I have tried this on my home computer and at work. Any ideas?

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Apply works for me as well, so again, please be sure you are using the correct setting, and attach your score and precise steps to reproduce the problem if you can to have issues,

Note that hitting Apply is never necessary, in 1.3 or in 2.0 or in deed in pretty much any program. Hitting OK is normally sufficient. Apply is only needed if you wish to see the effects of your changes *before* you hit OK. But again, it works in 2.0 just like it does in 1.3, so there must be something else going on here, and we'd need to see your score and the exact steps you are following in order to udnerstand what.

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Pressing 'ok' or 'apply' doesn't implement the changes that are being requested on the General settings menu. And it is not just affecting one score. It is all scores. As I said I am a school music teacher, teaching composition to around 50 seniors and the problem is a happening on all our PCs. It didn't happen with 1.3. So again this is no help. Thanks for trying but it seems I may need to go back to Sibelius.

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Indeed, this *really* does work. *Many* of us are using MuseScore 2.0 every single day, we'd have noticed if there was a fundamental problem like this! Even if you are seeing it in "all" scores, I am quite confident it will turn out to be something about how you doing things that is not correct for the score - trying to use staff distance when you really need to be modifying grand staff distance or minimum or maximum system distance, etc. So again, if you post a sample score and the precise steps you are following, I am quite confident we will be able to show you how to do it.

Rather than start a new thread, I thought I would chime in with a "staff reduction" problem.

I use Musescore 2.0.2, and my score is almost complete. It's 8 pages, minus the title page, and the last page is four bars. The staff on the last page is larger in a vertical direction and the drum part is below the visible page. It's a big band chart, so there are 18 voices, including piano. The first seven pages respond to commands, no problem resizing them at will, but this last page refuses to change and align with the others. The last page is a partial, could that be influencing the program?

I've looked at the handbook and the various tools to resize the system but... no success.


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If the size of one system is different than others, there are basically two possibilities:

1) it has a different number of staves than the others, because of ypur use of the "Hide empty staves" option


2) something in the music itself for some system is causing extra space to be allocated for it - like lyrics, fret diagrams, or spacers

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Thanks for your reply.
I've attached the chart w/notes made invisible; it's a work by someone else and I can't share it publicly until a later date.

I didn't have the "Hide empty staves" box checked, so I tried checking it and it didn't make any visible difference that I noticed.

There was a spacer I found on the individual drum part that doesn't show on the score - don't know where that came from. The drum part is cut off on the last score page because of the vertical height of the system.
Any help is appreciated, thank you .

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Just FYI, making the notes invisible doesn't really keep the music private—what I might have done is delete everything except for the last four measures. But regardless, you have nothing to fear from anybody here.

It's now clear that you have lyrics attached to all these staves in the second-to-last measure. There are no lyrics anywhere else, so I'm guessing you can delete those two words. They're the only thing changing the spacing there.

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Indeed, I listed four things that could affect system size (Hide empty staves, lyrics, fret diagrams, spacers)., and in this case it is the lyrics. You could either delete the lyrics, or change the settings that control spacing of lyrics. Probably the easiest is to reduce the "Lyrics bottom margin" in Style / General / Page. Anything below 3.0sp will cause the system size to be the same as the others, because there was already that much space. But the results will be quite crowded. 3.5sp adds some space and still allows the system to fit, if barely. Or, you could simply reduce the overall music size so that the largest system fits. Reducing the staff space from 0.991mm to 0.95mm also makes it just barely fit, and won't be *too* noticeable* a difference overall.

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"You could either delete the lyrics,..."

Yes, Marc, that worked. By the time I had deleted the two lyrics from about half the parts, the drum line came back into view. And Zack is right as well - that is the only place in the chart where there are lyrics on every part, so the system grew too tall.

Thank you,

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