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• Nov 27, 2015 - 16:33

I'm working on a score for 4 guitar parts.
It would definitely be nice to be able to hide either the tablature or the stave separately. I want to be able to write the music just viewing the staves. Then I want to have only the tablatures visible when printing the music for my pupils. Back and forth.


Probably easier to just have two separate (non-linked) staves then, or just haver a single staff you convert between standard and tab rather than hidingthe one you don't want. Still, an interesting use case worth considering.

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Non-linked is double work, when writing and editing. Well, copy-and-paste probably works well in that case. Switching back and forth between tab and standard might be better. I noticed that when switching from tab to standard and back, will preserve the string/fret info of the notes. When entering notes in a standard stave, MuseScore writes the "notes" in the linked tab on lowest possible fret. If I drag the number to the following string and the fret number changes hence, this change remains even though I change to standard stave and back to tab. But if I make some editing in the standard stave and then change back to tab, of course I have to re-drag the number to the string I want.

And I really like to have both the standard and the tab visible every now and then. I use MuseScore a lot in class and I have it visible on the big screen. And while my pupils mostly read the tabs, I think it's good for them to simultaneously see the standard stave, too.

I'm going to revive this one and add my +1.

For different reasons than those stated by the OP, I would like to be able to make linked tablature staves invisible without jumping through all sorts of hoops. When composing, I often use tablature staves to help me evaluate fingerings for instruments I don't play (or don't play well), like viols. This is a great help...but when the piece is more or less composed and I start working on formatting, page makeup and so forth, those extra staves are in the way. Yes, I can save the score under a new name and then delete the linked staves, but then if I do any further editing of the music or orchestrations, I have to create them all over again if I'm in doubt about what I'm asking a performer to do.

Can the 'Visible' checkbox in the Instruments dialogue be made so that it applies individually to any primary or linked staff for each instrument? This would be a great help.

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