[trunk] Rhythm notation for tablature can't be disabled

• Feb 3, 2011 - 22:36
S4 - Minor

I use the latest mscore code from the svn repo under mandriva 2010.2.

I have written a guitar part with a tablature.
I saved this score has a mscore compressed file.
When I reopen the score, the octave symbol above the clef has disappeared and all the note are drawn one octave lower.
Now, if I drag and drop the correct clef on the current clef, the tablature has suddenly rythme notation which I have previously removed.

I attached the mscore score and the pdf has it should be drawn.

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ScarborougFair.mscz 4 KB
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The rhythm notation for the tablature staff is there as soon as I open the file. Drag and dropping the correct clef just moves the notes out of the way so they are no longer overlapping. I don't think current versions allow you to hide rhythm notation on tablature staves. How did you hide them the first time?

I selected a measure.
Then right click + click on "staff properties"
Then, I click on the first "Edit" button. (just on the right of the "tab" entry).
TThen, I click on "None" in the "Note values" section.

I tried today on the current trunk, and the problem of the rythm notation disappears.
I still have a problem with the clef on the guitar staff. It still miss the octave symbol when I reload the score (the little '8' below the G clef).


I can reproduce the problem with the clef not saving with the score you attached, but not with a new score.

(Tested using r. 3998 nightly build, Windows 7)

Status (old) needs info fixed

As far as I can see this has been fixed in the current nightlies so I'm marking it as such.

Do feel free to restore the state to active if you disagree.

MuseScore 2.0 rb0a3b1f/Windows XP Pro SP3