"-" is shown in lyrics, that I cannot delete

• Dec 20, 2015 - 23:45
S4 - Minor

NOT FOUND: Text_with_-.png Unfortunately I cannot say, how and when this phantom "-" was included.
If I change instruments, it is on the lowest line of the tablature. If I delete the lute instrument, the sign is gone.

GIT commit: c012358


Hmm, I am not seeing it. Is there something I need to do other than just load the file into a current build and look at the first note of the score or soprano part? FWIW, the parts in the score you uploaded are in the opposite order of what is shown in the picture - did you perhaps uplaod the wrong version?

No - sorry, that this was probably a little bit confusing.
Text_with_-.png shows, how it looked on my computer, if the voice was the first stave. There you can see the hyphen behind the lyrics.
The next screenshot shows, how it looked if I changed staves.
Then the hyphen is shown on the lowest tablature line.

... and: I will have to test that once again on the computer, where I made the file. Here I also don't have this problem. Both are Linuxmint btw.

Tested it now again on the other computer - it seems to have gone now ...
Probably no big thing, but it was very annoying to have that hyphen and not to be able to delete it. So probably the bug report can be closed or frozen ...
Sorry for the troubles!