wrong tie direction on chords

• Feb 18, 2011 - 03:48
S4 - Minor

Version 1.0, Windows Vista

1. create two-note chord
2. repeat chord
3. connect each pair of notes with tie
Result: both ties are either under or over. Whereas outer notes should have opposing tie dirs.


Would be nice to have a policy here, but there's no need to make it too sophisticated, because when multiple voices involved, there's always fine tuning by hand necessary.

Current policy seems do put all ties in voices 1+3 up, 2+4 down.
When there's only one voice on a staff with chords that have two or more notes, it would look good, if the bottom tie would be reversed by default in voices 1+3, the top tie in 2+4.

This is quickly fixed by hand though, more importantly I would prefer the possibility to put ties on a whole selection.