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• Feb 19, 2011 - 22:27
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Is there anyone among the programmers who can help me by writing the necessary links for connecting a virtual keyboard (button lay-out) with the corresponding notes on the staffs.
Several other notation programs have such a function for input by using a virtual piano-keyboard where you can point on with the mouse cursor, so that the notes appear on the staff.
Such a function could be usefull for many users of Muse Score.
Besides normal music notation there also exists a lot of tablature music, mostly written for guitar. However also music for diatoniq harmonicas is written in tablature, wich is called "gripp-script" This looks similar to ordinary music notes, but instead of representing notes, it is a way of showing wich buttons have to be played.
If we also can connect a virtual button lay-out of the harmonica (just as we do with the piano keyboard) with the corresponding notes, so we can write the gripp-script sheets and afterwards we can hear it played by the computer.
I already worked out an example, but have not the knowledge of writing the software. I would very apreciate it if someone is willing to do this for me and also for a lot of other harmonica players. Thanks.
For more details you can contact me at . I can speak English, German or Flemish

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First of all, all this post refers to the NEXT MuseScore version (the 'trunk' aka ver. 2.0). Version 1.0 is not going to get any major addition, only bug fixes.

I do not belong to the 'core' group of MuseScore developers, but I am currently implementing the tablature part. Tablature so far means string instruments: modern (guitar, bass) and historic (lute, viol). I knew about the existence of harmonica tablature, but I never could figure out how it works (I'm not even 100% sure of what a harmonica is!).

Some random musing, perhaps useful to foster more thoughts:

I think the issue you raise can be split into three parts:

1) Implementing a software keyboard. This is conceptually simple: create a window with buttons or hot spots, pressing one of these hot spots generate an input for MuseScore that it can correctly understand as a note pitch.

Of course, there are lots of collateral details (mostly regarding user interface) which make the issue much less straightforward, but the basis is this. Just a couple of those details: note values (minim, crochet, quaver, ...) are entered separately, the software keyboard cannot help for this; visual fitting of the keyboard window (transparency, screen real estate usage, ...) may require some compromise.

2) Implementing different kinds of software keyboard: a piano keyboard, a harmonica keyboard, maybe a guitar 'neck'; I would also like an 'unusual clef keyboard' (to make note input easier when copying from a source in strange clefs, without having to transpose mentally).

Once part 1) is implemented with a minimum of configurability in mind, adding more window layouts is rather straightforward.

3) Implementing harmonica tablature. This involves display, formatting and laying out, NOT input. It is also conceptually simple perhaps (I do not know enough about it) and it is mostly a matter of adding a new staff kind (MuseScore currently knows 3 kinds of staves: pitched (= normal), tablature and percussion).

The link between 1) and 3) is ALMOST automatic: once a staff is defined as pitched, tablature or percussion (or harmonica tab), any input note will fall at its place, regardless it has been entered with the computer keyboard ('A', 'B', ...), the mouse, an external MIDI keyboard or the software keyboard.

I cannot say anything about the priority each of the three parts may get within the MuseScore project; by my own, I would say that part 1) -- the software keyboard -- looks like an important addition and should get a rather high priority

Parts 2) and 3) are possibly rather specialized and are likely to get implemented only if a group of users will actively 'lobby' for them.


Hello Miwarre,
Thank you for your reply.
I will send you a few PDF's ( in several parts because of the size limited to 2 MB ) which i hope they represent my way of thinking, as i worked out this idea for adding it into Muse Score.
After reading, please let me know if it would be possible to write it down in code and make out a program of it.
If you may have some further questions, you can always ask me for support.
And now, i will try to help you learning a bit more about harmonicas. During the five years that i play Steyrean harmonica, i learned a lot about gripp-script, which is used among harmonica players. A Steyrean is a typical instrument from the Alps, played in Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, etc. Harmonicas, however, can have many different forms and are played all over the world with all kind of music styles. The harmonica was the forerunner of the accordeon. The major difference between them is that by the harmonica pressing or pulling the bellows, while using tesame button, two different tones are heard, one by press and another one on pull. By the accordeon it is only one note, no matter you press or pull. This makes an harmonica special and therefore also it needs music sheets written in tablatures.
As i also mentioned on one of my PDF's, there is an excellent site where you can find all about harmonicas ( written in German and also translated in Englisch language )

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I am relatively new to this group and found this thread that is a little more than a year old. It concern a suggestion for adding new tablature for version 2.

By the way when will version 2 be available?

I want to know if there was any progress made on this subject. I am also an harmonica, diatonic, bass and chordet, player and teacher, and would appreciate if we had a tablature that would show which note to blow or draw and bend, etc.

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Not an issue with the Plugin "Plugin Console". Actually not an issue at all but rather questions for the forum?