[Mac] MusicXML doesn't include tempo

• Feb 21, 2011 - 17:53
S4 - Minor

1. Save a score that isn't 120 BPM as MusicXML.
2. Close it.
3. Open the MusicXML score.

Expected result: Tempo is the same as original score.
Actual result: Tempo plays at the default 120.

Using MuseScore 1.0 and 2.0 nightly build (3996) - Mac 10.4.11.


Because the default tempo in MuseScore is 120 BPM, it would be impossible to discern (in a 120 BPM score) whether the correct tempo was actually read, so I suggested a score that wasn't 120 BPM.

Let me try:

Create a score in Finale/Sibelius. Using whatever means those program provide, make the score so it plays back at 180bpm (for instance), then export it to MusicXML. When you import the resulting MusicXML score into MuseScore, it will not playback at 180bpm. I am fairly certain the tempo info you create in Finale/Sibelius is present in the MusicXML file; it is just completely ignored during playback in MuseScore. Whether there happens to also be some sort of textual representation of the tempo is kind of beside the point - there wouldn't necessarily have been any in the original (Finale allows you to specify tempo info with no associated text, and I assume Sibelius does too). I suspect any tempo-related you created in Finale or Sibelius would come through fine as text, but the playback info does not come through.


tempo information is written to MusicXML as a direction containing both words (text to be printed) plus a "sound tempo=..." element specifying the tempo. This is supported by MuseScore 1.0 and up, both on import and export.

This works OK, I just checked the Recordare MusicXML samples BeetAnGeSample.xml and BrahWiMeSample.xml using MuseScore 1.0. Note that if the "sound tempo=..." element is missing, the tempo information is unkown and playback tempo will be set at some default value.

The tempo set in the play panel is not saved to MusicXML in MuseScore. In order to export a tempo you have to add a tempo text to the score.

Hope this helps, Leon.

The problem I had wasn't with the global tempo setting but tempo *changes* within the score. However, the example I just tried worked. Finale has about a zillion ways to affect playback tempo during the course of a piece, so perhaps the problem is that *some* of those ways are not exported properly to XML. But it still sounds like there might be a problem exporting tempo text from within MuseScore?

As far as I know, MuseScore imports and exports tempo changes (MuseScore: tempo text, MusicXML "sound tempo=") correctly, even for changes in the score. At least all my testcases work.

The known exception is that the tempo set in the play panel is not saved to MusicXML in MuseScore.
Chen Lung, is this what you are referring to your remark #7 ? The remark is too cryptic for me to understand.

In order to make progress, I need specific examples that do not work including expected behaviour and real behaviour.

No, tempo text is not read (nothing to do with the play panel).

Using MuseScore 2.0 nightly build (3996) and Mac 10.4.11:
1) Create a 4/4 piano score.
2) Enter many notes.
3) Apply 160 BPM (tempo text) to the first note.
4) Save as XML.
5) Close the score.
6) Open the XML and play it.

Expected result: It plays at 160 BPM.
Actual result: It seems to play at 120 BPM.

I think in my case it appears to have been tempo change that had been created in Finale using a ritard. or accel. that wasn't working, and I see now looking at the actual MusicXML file that there is nothing there for MuseScore to have interpreted. Finale lets you assign meaning to expressions like that using by specifying a rate of increase / decrease, but apparently that is *not* put into the MusicXML. So never mind my example.

I just tried to reproduce a case as Chen described, but it worked just fine for me in both 1.0 and 2.0, as well as exporting from 1.0 and importing into 2.0. Both the tempo text and the playback were fine.

I tried it on 10.6.6 (MacPro):

2.0 nightly build (3996): It does import/export correctly all within 2.0.
1.0: It imports correctly if it's produced by 2.0.

On 10.4.11 (MacBook): It doesn't work with either version.

Title MusicXML doesn't include tempo Mac build: MusicXML doesn't include tempo

Looks like a Mac build issue. I have tested 1.0 and 2.0 on Linux, both import and export tempo text to MusicXML OK.

I'll change the issue title.

Title Mac build: MusicXML doesn't include tempo [Mac] MusicXML doesn't include tempo

I upgraded my MacBook to the same OS as my Mac Pro. However, it's still a problem - perhaps it's just something in nightly build that's changed.

Could anyone confirm if they have problems?

I wonder if it's related to #11206: [Trunk] Tempo Text ignored - discovered on a later nightly build (available to download for Windows only).

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (4367) - Mac 10.6.7.

MuseScore 1.0 on Mac OSX 10.5 (but I'm like 99.99% sure that OS is not related to this issue...)
Attached MuseScore file and MusicXML file.

  1. Create a score for piano with 4 measures
  2. Put quarter notes on each beat of the treble clef
  3. Create a tempo text on the first note of Measure 3 (select notehead, go to Create -> Text -> tempo)
  4. Pick any tempo and put the BPM at 250
  5. Listen to the score (it works)
  6. Save as MusicXML, close the score
  7. Open the MusicXML, play it and hear the tempo change !

@chen_lung, as you seem to be the only reproducing this bug, can you give *very* precise steps to reproduce? (In MuseScore 1.0, trunk is completely in the work, who cares about tempo change?) If not, we can close this issue.

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