Trouble composing in E Major

• Jan 19, 2016 - 19:48

Hi everyone, I have encountered a problem and hope you'll be able to advise me on how to solve it.
I am currently composing a piece in E Major, which obviously has a natural A. However, only in this specific piece, when I listen to the playback of what I've composed, I notice that for some obscure reason, the software had "sharpened" the A's, so I must naturalize each and every one of them in so that sound right on the playback - which of course is wrong, since the A is natural to begin with! Any ideas as to how I can solve this?


Please post the piece that is causing problems. Best also if you can detail the exact sequence of events that led to the behaviour that you describe (like was it OK before you did X or whatever). Did you, for instance, drag an E Key Sig onto a Bb trumpet stave?

Yes, posting the score would allow us to help better.

But I wonder, what instrument is being used for the staff or staves that are having this problem, and do you have Concert Pitch turned on? If Concert Pitch is off, and you turn it on, do the A's become A#'s? If so, then I might guess you have been hit by a bug that can occasionally cause the pitches to get out of sync. There have been a few such bugs, most of which were fixed before the release of 2.0 but might have affected your score if you started working on it during the Beta period a year ago. There are one or two such issues known and still present in 2.0.2 such as #81091: tpc corruption adding notes after transposing Instrument change and #5098: Notes not transposed when copied by notehead.

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Hi again,
It's a piece I only started and for the time being I'm only working on the basic tune, haven't gotten to orchestration yet :-) The whole piece is currently in E Major. Also, Concert Pitch is on, and this doesn't seem to be the problem. I really am at a loss. Would it make any difference if I just start over a new sheet?

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As for whether starting a new score would help, there is no way to know without knowing what the problem actually is. If the problem is something you are doing wrong, then if you start a new score, presumably you'll continue doing the same thing wrong. But if the problem is that the score has somehow become corrupt because of a bug in the program that you accidentally ran into, then presumably starting a new score you wouldn't run into that same bug. Again, it's really impossible to do more than guess until you post the score you are having problems with so we can see for ourselves what is going on.

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In the Key Signatures palette, the four sharps and five sharps signatures are next to each other, and they differ by - get this - the A sharp!
So... I would double check the key signature to see if maybe the wrong one was accidentally entered into the score.


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