tpc corruption adding notes after transposing Instrument change

• Sep 25, 2015 - 15:55
S3 - Major

Ubuntu 14.04, GIT commit: 699a5ee

Discovered while working on #9352: Add ability to set transposition by range. My PR for that feature request also fixes this bug, but I wanted to log it in case wel elect to fix the bug for 2.0.3, or in case we for some reason decide not to merge my PR for the ferature request.

1) new score, Bb clarinet, key of C concert (D written), 4/4
2) fill first two measures wth "D" quarter notes
3) add Instrument text to first note of measure 2
4) right click text, Change Instrument
5) select alto saxophone
6) enter another D into measure 3 using computer keyboard

Result: the note displays as a D, but plays as an F. Which is to say, it appears to be honoring the transposition for alto saxophone, even though measure 2 does not. If you switch to concert pitch mode, it displays as a C, which is definitely wrong. Different bad results happen when entering notes by mouse or by the Piano Keyboard window or MIDI.


Status active fixed
Regression No
Workaround No

Fixed it current master (if I get the issue correctly). The mentioned PR was merged as well.

Correct. The "D" entered into measure 3 does play as an F, but this is now correct, because the intrument change does affect transposition, and the originally-entered D's in measure 2 now display as D. Toggling concert pitch works as expected too. This issue had been left open because it still affected 2.0.3 even after my changes were merged into master, but was fixed when my changes got merged for 2.1 and this could have been closed then.