Octave lines: How to affect only one voice

• Jan 24, 2016 - 13:02

Nightly d08e14c (4 Jan 2016) on Win 7 HP

Is it possible to get 8va playback to affect voice 1 only, in the following passage?:


Currently, octave lines seem to apply to all voices.


Ottavæ apply to all notes under them in the staff above which they are placed; therefore 8va playback of only ONE voice in a staff would be incorrect.

Presuming it's the upper voice you want played an octave higher, notate that passage with the lower voice an octave lower than shown in your example, and then add the ottava to raise both voices the octave. Reading two ledger lines below a staff should not freak anyone out.

Neat workaround.

Just to recap: After notating the phrase, move all the notes in voice 2 down one octave. Select a V2 note, click "Fix to line" in the Inspector. This will maintain the pitch but move the note to the top staff line. Then enter an offset value in "Line" to move the note into the desired position. Repeat for each V2 note.

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