[1.0] Pasting notes featuring key signature change and lyrics corrupts following bar

• Mar 16, 2011 - 22:53
S2 - Critical

1. Open score .
2. Copy the two bars and paste them into the empty ones.

Expected result: Notes and rhythm paste intact.
Actual result: The final note in the first bar has changed to the first note of the second bar and tied - there's also a corruption in the following bar.

Although it crashed opening this file in 2.0 nightly build (3996), I don't believe it's a problem generally (feel free to mark as fixed).

Using Mac 10.4.11.


Although I can reproduce the problem using your file, I'm not able to reproduce starting from a new score (with the same notes and key changes). Are you able to? Do you know what might be unique about this particular file?

Status (old) needs info active

There must be lyrics under every note (see subject).

I also noticed in that file, the 2/4 time signature has disappeared. It was originally a longer file, so I deleted entire pages of bars for this example - it has removed it too. Is there a report for this?

I can reproduce both, with your file and with a newly created.
In both cases it copies correctly if you either
a) delete the lyric text under the third note (the word "a")
b) remove the key signature change

It's also ill-behaving with the attached file

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lyrics_and_keychange_cp.mscz 1.59 KB

I believe it's fixed in the trunk (4095) - using Mac 10.4.11.

Because the bug was aimed at 1.0, should we mark it as fixed and change the title maybe? I don't know.

Hmmm, I don't know if there's still changes being made to the 0.9.6 branch and if there will be occasional bugfix releases of that branch with 1.x version numbering, so it could be useful to leave the bugreport here until it get's backported.

Behaviour in nightly is better, but key signature isn't copied - which it doesn't have to, I'm not sure, what the expected behaviour is here.

Call for committer's decision on this pr :-)