Use of missing font Times New Roman

• Mar 22, 2011 - 10:33

On my system, I used to not have Times New Roman installed, so MuseScore picked DejaVu Serif for Title, Tempo, Lyrics etc. However, the scores I created contained references to Times New Roman and thus looked different elsewhere (e.g. at

Expected behavior: the text entries in the mscx file should reference the font that was actually used.

Quick fix for me: install Times New Roman - now my scores look the same everywhere

MuseScore Version: 1.0
OS: Arch Linux
QT Version: 4.7.2



The problem is (mostly) solved in the current developer version by bundling MuseScore with the gnu FreeSan and FreeSerif fonts and changing all styles to use this fonts.
There may be a problem if you explicitly choose a different font. In that case i am sure you dont want MuseScore to save a different font name behind your back if this font is not found.

That's great. I assume the fonts will be pretty enough for a default; considering how good MuseScore's output looks in general, you probably didn't choose an ugly default font.

In case the explicitly chosen font is not found, i think a warning message would be appropriate, asking the user to choose another font or to acknowledge the fact that the saved score will look different on another system. I can only think of two situations when this would be needed:

  1. Loading a file with a missing font
  2. Selecting a nonexistent font in Text Styles (which I think should not be possible anyway)

In the first case, I would go for a message reading "This score uses the font Times New Roman, which is not available on this system. You can either choose an available font to permanently replace all occurrences of the missing font, or keep the font settings unchanged. Note that in the latter case, MuseScore will use a different font, so the score will look different when displayed or printed on another system." I admit it's a bit lengthy, but maybe someone can come up with something better.

@werner: You might remember some guy trying to get MuseScore running on Gentoo several years ago. I've been watching and trying ever since, but only since I switched to Arch Linux, I managed to install and run MuseScore - and I love it!