Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
Pop-up windows (1.x and trunk) active 1 7 years
[Trunk] Visible stave doesn't display multi-stave instrument correctly active 2 7 years
[Trunk] No sound when moving chord active 1 7 years
Asterisk appears if you enter edit mode active 0 7 years
Wrong file open dialog if LC_ALL is set to de_DE active 2 7 years
[Trunk] Up button disabled if going down from first score in album active 0 7 years
[Trunk] Blank sound default in Mixer for scores that don't play that instrument active 1 7 years
Missing documentation of deleting notes active 0 7 years
Disable Hide Empty Staves option for scores with one instrument active 3 7 years
[Trunk] Cannot right-click disabled toolbar active 0 7 years
[Trunk] Script Debugger interface is messed active 0 7 years
Can't open old Overture files active 5 7 years
Mid-staff changes not exported to MIDI active 1 7 years
[Trunk] Changing icon size has different effect between empty state and open score active 0 7 years
[Trunk] Not all selected notes moved upon drag move active 5 8 years
Temporarily change staff order throughout the piece active 0 8 years
[Trunk] Cannot go beyond repeat marks during skip playback active 1 8 years
Add message box re illegal filename chars. active 5 8 years
Can't select chord symbols under 1st/2nd ending lines active 0 8 years
Grey out playback if score is empty active 1 8 years
Ability to create tuplet with total duration different of note figure active 0 8 years
Barline operations should be enabled after selecting measure active 2 8 years
TopStaff anchor for articulations/ornaments does not honor notes and beams outside staff active 0 8 years
request shortcuts for individual dynamic (& other) markings active 0 8 years
odd and even lyrics style should be applied when charging a style active 0 8 years