GSoC 2018 - Beginner Mode and Tutorial Creation - Week 10

Posted 3 years ago

This is my weekly update on my Google Summer of Code project. There will be three parts of this blog post: what I did, what had issues, and what is next. Then, I will end it with a question that I need answered for part of the project.

What I did

  • Split tourList.xml into multiple files
    • Instead of all the tours being in one file, now each tour has a specific file. (You might be able to still put multiple tours in a single file, haven't tried...) This helps reduce the clutter of the original tourList and will aid in organization of the tours.
  • Improve the message box
    • Now, the message box properly places itself next to the visible widgets. It also contains back/next buttons and a "Do not show tours" button for added features.
  • Created a PR
    • The PR is now started and can be seen here.

What had issues

  • Next to nothing this time.

What is next

  • Clean up tours
    • I'd like to create a couple of good tours that can be packaged with my PR.
  • Merge tours PR
    • After polishing up the existing tours, I want to get the PR merged so I can do bug hunting
  • Merge workspace expansion PR
    • After my tours PR is merged, I'd like to fix the tests so that my workspace expansion PR can be merged as well.

Question for the Week

I'm thinking a good tour to package with my pr is a welcome tour. This will walk you through the basics of MuseScore. Do you think this is a good idea or should I just make some smaller tours for now and let other people handle the bigger tours? If you think it is a good idea, what things should be covered in the welcome tour (e.g. note input, playback, etc.)?


Joshua Bonn
Github: JoshuaBonn1
Current Branch: startup-tour


My advice is to put together a "good enough for now" tour to really help "sell" the feature, but not to stress too much about it because surely others will want to contribute ideas etc over time - especially once it's actually merged and more people see it in action.

That and getting the workspace PR fixed up with respect to building tests seem like the biggest two things. But I'd also ask you, what else would you want to work on as part of this project, given the time left?

If you are willing to do the welcome tour, by all means! ;-)

Ideas for things to cover:

What Mike has said
Rests in voice 1 can't be deleted, only hidden
How to add / delete measures
How to add / remove instruments

(Maybe a bit too advanced for a welcome tour):

(How to change the key / clef / time signature)
(How to change the key of a transposing instrument. I.e. use the concert key, not the transposed key)
(Text / Lyrics entry)