GSoC 2019: Week 3 - TreeView on a Palette

Posted 1 year ago

Work Planned to be Done:

The work I planned to do for the third week of the coding period was to introduce the TreeView on the PaletteBox. This included adding classes to make the Tree Model.

Work Done:

Most of the time I worked on making the Tree Model from the data containing the names of the Palette which was placed on the file default.txt. Here I created the model using the text file and connected it to the treeView but as soon as I ran the application the Segment Core Dumped message came up. So I had to revise the whole code and after making some changes and building it, I was able to successfully run the application, but the TreeView was not displayed.

Later on, I submitted the PR on GitHub and I got help from my mentor Peter. Taking account of his suggestion, I made certain amendments and I was able to display a TreeView. However, the current TreeView consists of only the first two palettes and it is Keyboard Accessible.


Work Planned to do this Week.

I will start by replacing the data by the XML file containing all the information about the palette Items, Thereby expanding the range of the members in the TreeView. I will do this by creating a function in the TreeModel which will be using the XMLReader Class to read names of the palette from the XML file and display it on the TreeView.