Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Add right square bracket to "Arpeggios & Glissandos" palette geetar 3 4 weeks ago
Issue Scores corrupted beyond repair, containing nothing but zeros Jojo-Schmitz 33 1 month ago
Issue Tuplet brackets show incorrectly when only a single note Dylan Nicholson1 11 3 months ago
Forum topic Easiest way to change the Meter of selected measures? scorster 11 6 months ago
Issue Custom time signatures overruled by multirest Pentatonus 2 6 months ago
Forum topic Engraved a piece and put it on IMSLP! Wilh3lm 0 6 months ago
Issue Copy and paste honoring actual time signatures of selection ChurchOrganist 55 6 months ago
Issue Deleting staff with notes from cross-staff-notation crashes Wilh3lm 1 7 months ago
Issue Deleting a breath/caesura selects the wrong note Wilh3lm 12 9 months ago
Issue Time Signature Properties Panel unusable because it's height can't be ajusted etotheitau 8 9 months ago
Forum topic Idea: add option to blank corrupt measure parts Wilh3lm 2 9 months ago
Issue Violins are swapped in "Symphony Orchestra" template Wilh3lm 1 10 months ago
Issue Curly braces in Leland, Bravura, MuseJazz and Petaluma don't scale properly when extended to more staves [DELETED] 32872726 17 10 months ago
Issue Curved bracket version needed for tuplets. ChurchOrganist 17 11 months ago
Issue Adjusting height of "Preferences" causes it to go off-screen on some monitors Wilh3lm 17 11 months ago
Issue Crash when trying to Ctrl-Del extra notes in corrupt measure that is too long Wilh3lm 1 11 months ago
Issue Handle measure with too many notes to fit on a single system geetar 17 11 months ago
Issue Audio breaks when trying to play too quickly, but only in the app. Wilh3lm 5 1 year ago
Issue sff dynamic has the f's too far apart when using Brauvra Wilh3lm 14 1 year ago
Issue [EPIC] Cross-staff notation issues Marc Sabatella 12 1 year ago
Issue In triplet in last Half Note of 6/4, changing last Quarter Note in triplet to Eight causes corruption eduardomezencio 9 1 year ago
Issue Turns: if too close to one another, get a staircase effect Novelty 18 1 year ago
Issue Time signatures created pre-3.5 need special handling to avoid unintended loss of denominator jeronjoseph 40 1 year ago
Issue Changing "Column" setting in brackets Wilh3lm 5 1 year ago
Issue Grace note tie crash Wilh3lm 16 1 year ago