Deleting a breath/caesura selects the wrong note

• Feb 1, 2021 - 15:54
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Ergonomical (UX)
S5 - Suggestion

To place a caesura, select the note/rest before where you want to place it. When deleting things like articulations, it selects the note the articulation was on. For things like slurs, it selects the first note. This makes it easy to replace it, such as a staccato with a staccatissimo, without having to re-select the note. However, for caesuras, it selects the note after the caesura. Please fix this.


Well: To place a caesura, select the note/rest before where you want to place it so it apparently belongs to that note so for caesuras, it selects the note after the caesura is not really wrong, is it?

Status active by design

?? Adding a caesura needs you to select the note following it, the caseura is attach to the note after it, not to the one before it.
Deleting it does select that following note. It can't get more correct and by design than that. And it got reported as a bug (Minor) not as a feature request (Suggestion)

A caesura is not an articulation, that's why it is in a different palette.

Status by design active

A caesura is placed after the selected note/rest, not before it. So the request is to have the note just before the caesura be selected when the caesura is deleted, so that if you re-add the caesura, it will be added in the same place.

Title Deleting a caesura selects the wrong note Deleting a breath/caesura selects the wrong note
Reported version 3.6 3.5

Oh, darn you're right! I tried it out myself before and even twice and would swear it got added before the note, not after, but trying again now it does not, no idea what I saw before.
Same in 3.5 too.

Makes also more sense, as the time a breath takes should get taken from the note before, not the one after. What is strange though is that distance-wis it gets palced closed to the note after.

Severity S4 - Minor S5 - Suggestion
Type Functional Ergonomical (UX)
Workaround No Yes

The breath isn't attached to either note, it's a segment unto itself between the notes. So it's not necessarily a given which note should be selected afterwards. Right now I guess it's one at the same tick, which is kind of logical if maybe not ideal.

Meanwhile, workaround is just to press Left arrow to move back to the previous note, in those cases where you just happened to want to add another one after deleting this. That's almost certainly probably much less than 50% of the time, but then it's probably a coin toss as to which note you'd prefer selected otherwise. So even if it's only 5% of the time you actually intend to add another breath mark to replace the one you just added, that tilts the balance to 55/45 in favor of the note before.

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