GSoC 2020: Albums, Week 2, Prepare for takeoff

Posted 3 months ago


Welcome, once again, to this running series of weekly blog posts about the Albums feature. The last seven days proved to be very exciting. Let me share that excitement with you.

MuseScore Café

First of all, I want to thank Marc Sabatella for inviting me to last week's MuseScore Café to talk about GSoC and this project. Check it out if you want to learn more about Albums (especially if you haven't read the previous blogs) or about MuseScore in general.

Last week's progress

I'll briefly list the improvements made in the last 7 days. For more information check out the accompanying video:

  • Fixed most crashes.
  • Reworked the album playback ui and code.
  • Added the ability to reliable edit the score (including entering notes) in album-mode.
  • The playback cursor now follows the correct score during playback.
  • Added the ability to reorder and add scores while using the album-mode.
  • Fixed some automated test failures and linker issues.
  • Section breaks are used for pausing between different scores (as advised by Joachim and Isaac).
  • Albums are now available in the Open Recent menu.
  • Tested printing in album-mode and it seems to work.

The future

As you can see last week was very successful. This week I want to work on improving performance (there is a pretty serious degradation in album-mode when there are multiple scores) and I will my second refactor of the codebase. In addition, I want to fix the rest of the CI/test failures and improve the behavior of the toolbar while in the album-mode.