GSoC 2020: Albums, Week 10, Landing succesful

Posted 3 years ago

Feature-set 99% complete

Let's get right to business. This week I completed my work on the Parts functionality for Albums. There are still some things to be done, but most of that has to do with refactoring. Feature-wise the project is pretty much complete.


I spent most of my time working on Parts and trying to fix a couple of linker errors that were introduced (I haven't managed to fix them yet). Other than that, I added a couple of small things that improve the user experience.

  • Separated real excerpts from excerpts used for the album-mode.
  • Added a tour of the Album Manager window.
  • Added warnings when the user is about to break Part-compatibility.
  • Implemented a Close Album button.
  • Added the required code for adding/removing movements on an Album with Parts.
  • Added Save Album as option.
  • Implemented session restoration for Albums.
  • Fixed many bugs and crashes (including, undo not updating the scoreview, inability to add elements from the palette by clicking, crash when changing to album-mode with an empty album).
  • Saving in album-mode saves the album and all its scores.
  • Implemented Export Album (exports a .mscaz file which contains the album and all its scores).

The Future

As I wrote last week, in the next couple of weeks I will focus on improving the reliability of the Albums and the quality of the codebase.

And here comes the video...