GSoC 2020: Albums, Week 4, Ascending

Posted 3 years ago

Hear ye, hear ye!

I welcome you to this week's, delayed, blog post.


  • Double-clicking a score in the Album Manager while in album mode moves the screen to the selected score.
  • Added an automatically generated front cover.
  • Disabled scores disappear in album-mode.
  • Improved dock-widget behaviour for the AlbumManager.
  • The inspector now works correctly in album-mode.
  • Various bug fixes and small improvements.

The biggest (and not originally planned) improvement this week was the automatically generated front cover. I was trying to solve a layout issue and then I realised that it would be both quicker (and way cooler :^) to automatically generate a front cover for the Album. In the future, I want to also automatically generate a table of contents. I believe that this feature will prove to be very useful, especially for large albums. Naturally, users will be able to disable those auto-generated pages.

Back to the Future

This week I want to finish my work on the table of contents and other layout related issues. After finishing with the layout related code, I will be able to work on improving the responsiveness of album-mode. I also want to work on the one issue that was planned for this week but I did not solve/investigate (see the previous blog for that).

That's pretty much it, tune in next time for a "high-production-value" video ;-)