GSoC 2020: Albums, Week 5, Unfasten your seatbelts and enjoy the view

Posted 3 years ago

This week in Albums

Greetings fellow MuseScorers. Unfortunately, my video-making plans for this week could not fit in my schedule (last week of university exams) so I owe you one ;-)
Let's get down to business.


  • Automatically generated 'Contents'. As you can see in the attached PDF file I implemented the option to let MuseScore generate the Contents page (or pages) for your Album. There is still some work to be done (for example it uses the names of the scores in the Album-manager/savefiles and not the titles of the scores) but most of the hard work is done (including the necessary change in the layout code).
  • Improved viewport experience. I polished the editing experience in album-mode by fixing a bug where selecting an element did not always highlight it. Also zooming used to cause a weird displacement of the edges of the pages. This last problem has been fixed temporarily by updating (for a second time) the ScoreView after 100ms of zooming. This is not a clean fix, it's a hack around a problem but I could not find the cause of this issue (I'll try again this week).
  • Improved controls (automatic switching between modes of operation).
  • Crash and bug fixes (including a bug where the exported file included some in-MuseScore editing elements).

Coming soon

There is only one new feature that I want to add in the next couple of weeks. That is the ability to add other albums in an album but even that is relatively low on my list of priorities. I want to focus on polishing the experience (fixing bugs and deficiencies). In parallel, I will work on improving the code quality (there are multiple deficiencies that I have spotted) and adding more tests.

PDF export