GSoC 2020: Albums, Week 7, Approaching our destination

Posted 3 years ago


Greetings MuseScorers, one more Album GSoC progression blog is here. We have officially entered the second half of this year's Google Summer of Code. I am pretty satisfied with the state of the project and I believe that I still am quite a bit ahead of schedule.

Since the last blog I've fixed a bunch of bugs, crashes and brought the editing capabilities of the album-mode closer to those of a normal score.

The Specifics

  • Added a way to calculate the position of every element in multi-movement scores. This fixes the important bug that I described in the previous blogpost.
  • Improved the handling of the Temporary Score (used in album-mode) by fixing numerous bugs.
  • Implemented the ability to add/remove instruments in album-mode (multi-movement scores) . It's quite buggy right now but the fundamental problems have been solved, now it's a matter of improving the implementation.
  • Implemented the ability to insert/append measures in album-mode (multi-movement scores).
  • Fixed a crash when opening the page settings in album-mode (changing the page settings works but it's wonky).
  • Added single-page view for album-mode.
  • Real-time updates for the duration of the album and the individual scores.
  • Updated .msca file.
  • Various rewrites and code cleanup.

Remaining problems

List of known bugs and problems with the current features:
- Missing key shortcuts.
- Continuous view missing (will probably be disabled for the album-mode).
- The main git branch is messy.
- A lot of important bugs were fixed in quick succession and because of that I hadn't gotten around to writing clean code and comments for a significant amount of the codebase.
- The Contents page is still showing the names of the files instead of the names of the scores.
- Crash when trying to select instrument names in album-mode.
- Adding instruments works but the added instruments are sometimes incorrect.

The Future

This week I hope to tackle all the above problems, search for new ones, and fix them too. In other words, I aim to complete my work (or at least, most of it) on the album-mode. Anybody interested is welcome to download and build my Albums branch and report any bugs and crashes encountered.

As far as the promised video is concerned, every time that I am about to record it I find a new bug so instead of recording I fix that. Hopefully, I'll upload that video soon :^)