GSoC 2020: Albums, Week 11, Making the most out of this summer trip :^)

Posted 3 years ago


Hello, MuseScore blog readers and dear followers of the Albums project. We are 2 weeks before the end of this year's Google Summer of Code. For that reason I've been working on improving the reliability and polishing the Albums for MuseScore. I am happy to report that things have been going well, there are significantly fewer bugs/crashes and a lot of small changes have been made to finalize the project.

Tomorrow I will livestream at around 16:00 BST. This stream will serve 2 purposes. The first one is bug-hunting, the second is to show you all how the complete package works, what you can and can't do and of course answer your questions.

I don't have much else to report, I am just working on improving what is already there and making the code easier to understand and extend.

See ya tomorrow :^)

P.S. I will update this post with the link, when it becomes available.