GSoC 2020: Albums, Week 3, Take off

Posted 4 years ago


Greetings! Let me tell you what has happened in the magical world of Albums last week :-)

Last week's progress

I spent last week trying to track down and fix test failures and performance issues. I am happy to report that both problems have been dealt with. The latest version of my branch has successfully passed all tests (including tst_albums). In addition to that, I resolved the noticeable performance degradation in album-mode when more than 3-4 scores were present in the album. That means that 2 important obstacles have been dealt with, at least for now.

Other improvements:

  • Improved toolbar behaviour in album-mode.
  • Breaks are automatically added in both score-mode and album-mode.
  • ScoreView scrolling works for the whole album, not only for the first movement.
  • Added the ability to edit all pages in album-mode (previously you could edit only the first one consistently).
  • Updated the code to follow more of the new coding rules.

The future

This week I want to work on improving the user experience (for example, disabled scores should disappear in album-mode, printing in score-mode does not work) and polish the existing functionality. In addition to that, I want to improve (if possible) the way that Scores are loaded and stored in the Albums. Right now every score in the Album must be open in a separate tab for album-mode to work, which is not ideal.