GSoC 2020: Albums, Week 9, Preparing for landing.

Posted 3 years ago

It's the (almost) final countdown.

Another week, another blog. This week begins the final part of our Google Summer of Code adventure. Both I and my mentors agree that this is a good time to start focusing on improving the existing functionality of Albums (even though there are still a bunch of things that could be added). So, as you might expect most of this month won't be too exciting for yall (you have seen most of the functionality that will be available) but it will be pretty exciting for me since I'll take time to improve my code and fix bugs to deliver a working and stable solution. All that said, I still have a couple of small features up my sleeves, stay around for those blogposts ;-)

Progress made

I spent a large part of last week working on implementing Parts for Albums (pun intended). I have some pretty decent (for a week's worth) results which I will show you in the video. Unfortunately, because of the time constraints, there will be some limitations. The major limitation is that Album scores will need to have the exact same instrumentation for Parts to work (or at least, that's the plan right now).

Other than that I worked on:
- Mixer support (basic)
- Navigator support (full)
- Timeline support (basic)
- Many small fixes and improvements

The future:

I've planned ahead the entire month (since I don't have time to waste, I need to be focused) so I'll just throw everything at you in this blogpost :P

This week I will focus on improving Parts for Albums as much as possible. In parallel, I am working on adding comments and small rewrites. In the next couple of weeks, I will solely focus on bug fixing, performance improvements and adding tiny features that improve the user experience. No new features, only improving what is there. If I am satisfied with the results in the last week I will select one or two of the things that I want to add to the Albums toolset and I will implement them as 'Experimental' parts of MuseScore.

The video: