Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
[MusicXML export] add print-object to part-name when required active 3.x-dev 0 1 jaar
Cross staff slurs with double curve active 3.x-dev 7 1 jaar
mid-measure barlines are missing from generated parts active 3.x-dev 1 2 jaren
Feature Request: allow both old and new way of playing back selected parts active 3.x-dev 4 2 jaren
Chord symbol alignment incorrectly forces alignment between above & below chords and across staves PR created P1 - High 3.x-dev 28 1 jaar
some GP7 drumset sound are missing in the playback active 3.x-dev 0 1 jaar
Customized style settings for font size in 3.5 are reset to 3.5 default upon import into 3.6 active P1 - High 3.x-dev 1 11 maanden
Make Backspace equivalent to Delete on all platforms active 3.x-dev 4 2 jaren
Inspector width has increased significantly for "text" elements active 3.x-dev 13 5 maanden
Respell pitches does not work for keys with many flats or sharps active 3.x-dev 39 1 jaar
Choppy playback active 3.x-dev 1 1 jaar
Score corrupted then crashed active 3.x-dev 7 1 jaar
Context menus not accessible active P1 - High 3.x-dev 17 2 jaren
Bug with add interval shortcut (Alt-3) needs info 3.x-dev 2 2 jaren
When switching order of soundfonts, the Set to Default button remained grayed out active 3.x-dev 2 1 jaar
New Inspector Setting: Adjust Duration active 3.x-dev 0 1 jaar
Huge Musescore3.ini File active 3.x-dev 1 2 jaren
start up screen large icon and no access needs info 3.x-dev 4 1 jaar
Disable Play options for RNA (or support RNA playback)) active 3.x-dev 9 1 jaar
if insert new clef to a measure that already has clef at *start* of measure, then old clef shouldn't remain needs info 3.x-dev 10 2 jaren
Plugins appear three times each in the Plugin Manager active 3.x-dev 2 2 jaren
Allow user to create shortcut to Text Styles dialog active 3.x-dev 0 2 jaren
program closes after playing a title needs info 3.x-dev 2 2 jaren
Auto-size property of title frame ignores offset active 3.x-dev 1 10 maanden
Score won't react to custom system divider position AND length active 3.x-dev 1 1 jaar