Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Sort ascending
[midi import] Failure to detect non-aligned triplet active 9 6 jaren
Turns in the middle between 2 notes active 0 6 jaren
Unability to save the chords name in the palettes active 5 6 jaren
Missing Version Resource in Musescore.exe active 0 6 jaren
TAB: scale change in staff properties shows wrong dot size active 2 6 jaren
Missing screenshot in GNOME Software needs info 1 6 jaren
Slash fill in percussion staves, voices 3 and 4 active 0 6 jaren
Migration of the selection filter to the inspector. active 12 6 jaren
[trunk] hard to select slur or tie active 17 6 jaren
Linking two Tab staves cuts playback active 3 6 jaren
Add syntax for "first page only" and "except on first page" to Header, Footer, Numbers options active 4 6 jaren
New document setup windows after launch ?? needs info 5 6 jaren
[build/packaging] missing doc_??.qhc and plugins' desc./info active 4 6 jaren
<clef><sign>none</sign></clef> not imported active 4 6 jaren
Toggle mmRest, position view not repositionned to last measure selected active 0 6 jaren
Problem with conversion from file mscz to Midi file. needs info 2 6 jaren
Remember "ignore" choice when loading corrupt scores active 6 6 jaren
Dashed/dotted lines stop scaling with zoom once line thickness equals one pixel active 4 6 jaren
Sychronisation of articulations and line properties between Score and Drums-Part needs info 6 6 jaren
Measure Property Tab bug active 0 6 jaren
Vertical instrument names active 2 6 jaren
Audio bug with headphones needs info 2 6 jaren
Bad layout with fermatas over barlines & linked parts active 0 6 jaren
Bad note spacing with user modified beam on chord with seconds active 0 6 jaren
Copyright from template overwritten by empty value in dialog active 3 6 jaren