Release notes for MuseScore 2.2

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This page shows old instructions for MuseScore 1.
For MuseScore 4 users, see Release notes for MuseScore 2.2.

MuseScore 2.2 was released March 27, 2018.

New features

  • New MuseScore_General.sf3 soundfont
  • Fix #5163: MIDI output
  • Fix #208006: Built-in MP3 support for Windows (finding and installing third-party DLL no longer necessary)
  • Fix #183336: Search field in New Score Wizard template chooser
  • Fix #56451, fix #44666: Option to select whether to "Play repeats" for jump elements (D.S. al Coda, etc.)
  • Fix #269672: Selected notes are highlighted on the piano keyboard
  • Fix #184246: Select / More: ability to distinguish same pitch on a specific string in tablature
  • Fix #239021: All elements are now selectable by voice
  • Fix #198486: Copy and paste of multiple fretboards
  • Fix #175886: Fretboards can be added to chord symbols

Known incompatibilities with previous 2.x

  • Improvements to the handling of voltas and repeats come with some compatibility issues. Where 2.1 and before required the repeat list of a volta to be set to the nth time that measure/volta is encountered (against intuition and against the existing voltas from the palette), 2.2 now requires the repeat list to reflect the human-readable logic of being the n th repeat in total. In consequence, some files created in 2.1 and before might be played with a different roadmap, especially if there are more than 2 voltas to a given repeat. It can be fixed by editing the volta's repeat list in Volta Properties (accessed via secondary-click).

    In short, 2.2 now behaves like earlier versions should have behaved and workarounds employed in older version to get the playback right are no longer needed (and will need to be reverted).

  • In 2.2, jumps have a new property, "With repeats," which if enabled causes playback to take repeats. Using this new feature in a score does not bar you from also editing that score using previous versions of MuseScore 2, but obviously those versions do not support this feature, either in playback or in saving files.

  • MuseScore 2.2 comes with a slightly different SoundFont called MuseScore_General.sf3, so your scores might sound a little bit different (hopefully better!). If you have saved custom synthesizer settings in a given score or as a new default, if those settings contain a reference to the old FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3, you might need to manually update those settings. For most users, the change to FluidR3Mono_GM should be automatic, seamless, and barely noticeable. If you have previously uploaded a score to using the default playback and would like to get the new sounds, simply update your score.

See also Incompatibilities between 2.1 and previous versions, which also apply between MuseScore 2.2 and versions before 2.1.



  • Fix #235526: Update MusicXML to 3.1
  • Fix #235516: Support .musicxml file extension
  • Fix #255066: MusicXML articulations don't play back
  • Fix #197331: Lyricist does not appear in title frame after MusicXML import
  • Fix #100901: Beam properties issues on file imported from MusicXML by setting beam mode auto instead of end
  • Fix #267131: MusicXML export, print new-system missing in multi-measure rests
  • Fix #179551: MusicXML Not Exporting Positioning
  • Fix #268578: MusicXML import export rest colors
  • Fix #268968: MusicXML import export lyric color
  • Refactor MusicXMLParserPass[12]::note(), MusicXMLParserPass2::notations() and ExportMusicXml::chord() (PR #3470)
  • MusicXML import: add more logging for debugging purpose (PR #3330)
  • Fix spurious warnings on MusicXML import (PR #3495)
  • Fix #255791: [MusicXML import] use lyric number as relative instead of as absolute line number
  • Fix #269948: [MusicXML import] crash when importing single staff part referring to staff 2
  • Prevent crash in MusicXMLParserPass2::notations() when cr is null (PR #3536)
  • Fix #270360: [MusicXML import] Crash when trying to import tremolo on rest


  • Fix #74921: Implement pauses for MIDI files (hack)

Guitar Pro

  • Fix #233911: [GP6] Standard notes and fret marks in Tabs don't match
  • Fix #232841: [GP6] Unexpected clefs after importing files for keyboards
  • Fix #232851: [GP6] Guitar scores: fretboard diagrams are imported but not the corresponding chord symbols
  • Fix #30336: Proper support for let ring in GP import
  • More fixes for #30336: Hammer/pull-off in GP3
  • More fixes for #30336: Palm mute are now spanners
  • Fix #178761: [GP] Slurs are not imported
  • Fix let ring import, subtitle import in GP3
  • Several fixes for GP6 import, see #247361. Tuplets in voice > 1, freetext not duplicated, barre in multiple voices, better freetime support
  • Fix #98786: Add mapping between GP6 and MS instruments
  • Fix #269498: Typo in instrumentMapping GP6 import of baritone
  • Remove ottava line width style in GP import


  • Fix #226286: TAB staves are not hidden in SVG export
  • Fix #198491: Tablature staff lines go through fingering number in graphic export from command line
  • Fix #205456: Encode special characters in SVG output for user supplied metadata such as title
  • Export bitmap to svg with lower resolution than original when applicable
  • Save spos doesn't work with mmRest

Save online

  • Set content length of media. See #197716
  • Improve media upload, make it cancellable and retry on failure. See issue #197716
  • Fix #196566: 'Save online' doesn't work properly for scores in 'Continuous View'
  • Add error code to message when uploading audio

User interface

  • Various spelling fixes
  • Consistently use "System Break" rather than "Line Break"
  • Fix #226416: Change both "Drumroll Editor" and "Pianoroll Editor" to "Piano Roll Editor"
  • Finish fixing #100396: Change "note head" to "notehead" in UI
  • Fix #195891: Score information too big for small screens
  • Fix #251301: Wrong octave in status display for transposing instruments
  • Fix #211461: Show text of other dynamics in status line
  • Add screenreader info for text and dynamics
  • Fix #269467: Ignore accents when searching instruments
  • Fix #265745: Hide 'Select More > Same String' if the instrument is not a string instrument
  • Fix #263920: Home/End keys go to start/end of line in text
  • Fix #268197: Up/down arrow keys in first/last line of text don't go to beginning/end (Mac only)
  • Fix #91056: BPM field in Play Panel is not immediately synced
  • Fix #185151: Shortcut Editor press Clear should remove message about previous conflict
  • Fix #117486: Wrong scrolling of 2nd and subsequent pages when playing a multi-page score with vertical page layout
  • Fix #197101: Ctrl+Home should reposition canvas
  • Fix #209331: Updated Descriptions of Enharmonic shortcuts to reflect current implementation.
  • Fix #17615: Enabled the Delete menu in menu bar
  • Fix #213686: Add shortcut for Select > More
  • Fix #4954: Change instrument via staff properties doesn't affect clef
  • Fix #197176: Palette double click ignores voice filter
  • Fix 267721, fix 267722, fix 268215: Added resetSpanType functionality and inspector editing of barline-multiselection
  • Fix #248316: Disable autocompletion of zoom percentage field
  • Fix short instrument names in String Orchestra template
  • Add missing top 7 pitches to editpitch dialog
  • Fix #178591, fix #85401: Ottava palette not consistent on double-click
  • Fix #266370: Reset value button in Inspector - tool tip
  • Fix #268554: Improved string for "Makeup gain" knob
  • Fix #209596: Image Capture + Copy + Transparency issue
  • Improve some strings based on translator feedback
  • Fix #268704: General Style / Score dialog: Alter "Display note values ..."
  • Fix #269212: "Tab bar" in View menu on macOS Sierra
  • Fix #269383: Flip not worked if even number of elements of one chord selected
  • Fix #246176: Hide fret conflicts in tab staff when "Show Unprintable" is off
  • Fix #205946: The last entered extra bass in lutes > to 7 courses is shown when launching the playback
  • Fix #153691: Drum tools palette not closing when switching between files
  • Fix #232931: for 2.2 - allow break shortcut on selections
  • Fix double click with list selection
  • Fix translations of Qt related strings for the gd and lv locales
  • Fix #46046: Add tint to highlighted invisible elements

Score layout

  • Fix #117191 and fix #82021: Hack to correct font kerning under Windows
  • Fix #259631: Correct vertical position of bass bourdons
  • Fix #251966: Invisible measure not displayed correctly
  • Fix #243501: Fretboard diagrams: 'X' (mute) and '0' (open) marks don't obey 'Scale' value
  • Fix #240011: Bad font for long name after section break
  • Fix 267602: Layout jump with naturals in key signature
  • Fix #166016: Slur on grace after wrong
  • Fix #195146: Rehearsal mark alignment changes to center after reload if added via palette double click
  • Fix #268551: Stem direction is linked between score and part
  • Fix #269238: Make sure min and max system distance don't surpass one another
  • Fix #234576: Time signatures get moved when splitting measures
  • Fix #168421: Joining scores via Album feature loses spacers in subsequent scores
  • Fix #266144: Mac: Too wide spacing in dynamics with more than one character (not in 2.2RC)
  • Fix #270476: Tuplets numbers, when creating parts, obey first to the scaling in main score instead of the default parts scaling (not in 2.2RC)


  • Fix #197131: Regression: Bass synthesizer and bass guitar create popping sounds
  • Fix potential endless loop when generating midi with arpeggio
  • Remove unneeded audio buffer overwrite of unchanged contents at every cycle
  • Synth meter l/r bugfix
  • Fix #230351: Articulations and ornaments do not play at moderate to high tempos
  • Fix #8604, fix #4525 , fix #6091, fix #48456, fix #148276, fix #230531, fix #267778: Improve volta playback
  • Fix #269044: Fluid: default velocity-to-filter cutoff modulator should be disabled
  • Fix #269280: Playback when adding an accidental
  • Fix #268991: Regression: Fluid: Envelopes are not behaving correctly. Workaround: skip mod envelope delay and attack phases if they are each less than 100 samples long
  • Fix #87066: Incorrect Pitch When Alternate Values Used for 'Scale Tune'
  • Fix #234811: No sound on Mac, I/O's PortAudio API drop down menu empty
  • Fix #198086: [Mac] No sound via Bluetooth or Airplay
  • Fix #266521: When playing MuseScore sound is missing.
  • Fix #269937: Implement proper preset fallback when using instruments on banks greater than 0
  • Fix #148276: Open volta lines must be extended over the entire ending to play back correctly
  • Fix #270332: playRepeats replay copy was too greedy
  • Fix #12971: Same note in different voices and lengths plays only the length of the shortest note
  • Fix #252201: playback holds during section break (not in 2.2RC)
  • Fix #270690: default zita reverb settings too boomy (not in 2.2RC)

New instruments and instrument fixes

  • Fix #267488: Add Baryton to the Instruments List
  • Fix #257636: Add Bass Clarinets with bass clef
  • Fix #264256: Incorrect Notation for Low Modern Flutes
  • Fix #264256 followup: wrong transposition of sub contra alto flute
  • Fix #213391: Add G clarinet and Lupophone, extend ranges of oboe, contra* clarinets and contrabass
  • More frets for steel and 12 string guitars
  • Add male and female voice to instruments and use in closed score SATB template
  • Fix #153566: Add the oud as instrument
  • Fix #229501: E Trumpet wrong transposition
  • Fix #197466: Fix ranges for trombone
  • Add new tenor and bass marching drum mapping. See #196321
  • Fix #166041: Ranges for tin whistle (C, Bb and D)
  • Fix #198496: Add Db piccolo flute
  • Fix some instrument (short) names based on translator feedback
  • Fix #269240: Add winds and strings section to instruments list
  • Add 6-str. Electric Bass and 5-str. Electric Bass (High C/Tenor), plus Tablature and also Baritone Guitar
  • Fix marcato articulation for some drums
  • Remove Treble Flute from common 'genre', add Alto Flute to it

Crashes and corruptions fixed

  • Fix #255646: Crash changing actual duration of only measure
  • Fix #246496: Crash when adding tie after entering notes in drums
  • Fix #213221: Crash when adding fermata on barline in part for staff >1 when score has spanning barlines
  • Fix #219521: Add a SVG file by double-click, then clear it in the palette, leads to crash
  • Fix #227096: Crash by reseting/editing lyrics with underscore before rests
  • Fix #267789: crash on tie with grace note
  • Fix #198396: Crash when export SVG from file with mmRest and hidden staff
  • Fix #232776: [GP6] Crash when scores for keyboards contain chord symbols
  • Fix #268009: Crash on MusicXML Import caused by duplicate clef definition
  • Fix #239826: Crash when importing MusicXML from Sibelius by ignoring lyrics on grace notes
  • Fix #267569: Numeric overflow causes MusicXML import crash
  • Fix possible crash in MusicXML export with empty textline
  • Fix #267896: Crash when loading a capella score
  • Prevent crash. See forum #268294
  • Fix static cast before type check can cause crashes
  • Fix #105646: Create album of continuous-view scores crashes
  • Fix #268293: Crash on creating tuplet with baseLen less than 1/128th
  • Fix #229686: Crash/corruption by consecutively entering upper tuplets
  • Fix #267549: Metronome mark for swing contains several metronome-note and crash
  • Fix crash when rendering svg with mmRest
  • Fix #189741: Corruption on change duration with local timesig
  • Fix #224781: Corruption creating tuplet on mmrest
  • Fix #247641: Tremolos between notes corrupted on part creation
  • Fix #202271: Copy-paste sextuplets/octuplets and their removal leads to corruption
  • Fix #202271: copy-paste of tuplets with non-reduced ratio
  • Fix #222181, fix #269998: Dotted rhythms within tuplets
  • Fix #270386: Do not allow gaps in tuplet, make invisible instead
  • Compare duration() of tuplet with calculated duration to see if it needs to be sanitized (PR #3571)
  • Check for missing elements before sanitizing a tuplet (PR #3571)

Build system and packaging

  • Make sure at least Qt 5.4 gets used
  • Make PCH_HEADER and PCH_INCLUDE always available, unbreaks Clang builds on non macOS platforms
  • Fix warnings with gcc >5.2 and Qt>=5.7 - fix pch and deprecated qt declarations - adjust misleading indenting - deal with unused param 'truncate' in durationtype.cpp - simpify some int casts
  • Add files to create a snap package for version 2.2
  • Fix #240941: add Keywords to xdg desktop file
  • Remove UiTools as a dependency
  • Fix #201146: allow BUILD_LAME=FALSE
  • Makefile: Add an option to use system's freetype library
  • Remove check for update for Windows Store
  • New policies CMP0068 and CMP0071 for CMake 3.10
  • Enable Jack in AppImage builds
  • Fix #269845 : Svg don't inherit QPaintEnginePrivate (causes crash on startup when using Qt 10.x)
  • Fix errors in mscore.1 manpage
  • Fix numerous reports of missing all.h during compilation
  • Add proper SIL OFL licenses to the mscoreTab and mscore-BC fonts.
  • Fix use of CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS for PCH generation
  • Remove redundant CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS assignment
  • Unbreak using cmake build types other than DEBUG and RELEASE
  • Fix #235411: Corrupt SVG icons for new note input modes
  • Reversing the order in which mtest compares reference and test file
  • Replace FluidR3Mono_GM by MuseScore_General and don't store SoundFont on git anymore
  • Build release MSI on Appveyor
  • Keep FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3 name, and install it under MuseScore_General.sf3 if it cannot be downloaded
  • Use a blank mscore_en.ts to update new strings, and not mscore_en_US.ts
  • [Travis-CI] Zip and upload source code, soundfont, revision.h for stable release (not in 2.2RC)


  • Fix #198831: Regression: Cannot enter rests via mouse on drum staves
  • Fix #269774: Cannot use the mouse to enter notes on a staff with invisible lines
  • Fix #269844: Adding notes to a staff with hidden empty staves nearby
  • Fix #107231: Paste of note onto rest should preserve destination duration
  • Fix #248611: Wrong spelling on paste of note to rest
  • Fix #245731: Slurs not obeying voices of Selection filter
  • Fix #189736: On copy/paste measure(s) with slur(s) in score, the slur(s) get(s) lost in part
  • Fix #81711: Bad path on restore session
  • Fix #102716: Update text on load style
  • Fix #215876: Empty volta line text is not preserved and reverts to "1."
  • Fix #219536: mute checkbox is two state and should be set as bool
  • Fix #195436: Weird placeholder order in "File not found/File corrupted %1"
  • Fix #267760 : Screen capture in PDF format doesn't work correctly
  • Use pdfPrinting mode for image capture
  • Fix #265183: Piano Roll editor eats %100 CPU for most edits
  • Fix #268842: Need a space option in lyrics paste that doesn't advance to new note
  • Fix #24745: Add OS info to revision
  • Fix #269132: Score properties wiped when saving a generated part
  • Fix #125121: Formula determining octave number affecting split staff point
  • Fix #268465: Image Capture: No file saved when selected rectangle is 'negative'
  • Fix #150956: Saving fails when relative pathnames used on command line
  • Fix #264073: Edition of fret numbers in TAB staff is not played in Note input mode (not in 2.2RC)
  • Fix #196771: Regroup Rhythms deletes various elements (not in 2.2RC)


  • Fix #249541: Improvements to Plugin Manager/Creator (for 2.2). All 3.0-dev changes ported into 2.2 branch.
  • colornotes plugin: improve description and add comments
  • Fix #249631: Add SaveAs to PluginCreator. Also changed "New" to generate correct version of import MuseScore. Also added a "Save To:" message while saving.
  • Fix #198826: enable Plugin Manager and Plugin Creator (almost) always

New languages

New contributors

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release, and a special shout-out to the 15 new contributors: