Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Sort descending Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
Parts dialog: non-editable (previously created) parts - instrument names should be greyed out active 3.2 0 4 years
Parts missing dynamics. In particular hairpins. GitHub issue 4.0 6 9 months
Parts page misconfiguration needs info 3.6 3 1 year
Parts score download bug needs info 3.6 1 2 years
Parts tabs don't visually update in fullscreen mode until moused over active 3.0 0 4 years
Parts: Cannot remove staff active 3.0 4 3 years
Parts: deleted instrument staff persists in part active 3.5 4 3 years
Parts: set first selected instrument as default part title active 3.5 1 3 years
Paste as voice [n] active 3.4 1 3 years
Paste Half Duration / Paste Double Duration missing from various context menus active 3.4 2 3 years
Paste leaves "residual" chord names active 6 9 years
Paste lyrics when pasting note active 3.5 14 3 years
Pasted stave text with properties does not sound effect until score re-opened active 2.1 1 7 years
Pasting a figured bass figure into a small staff will paste it in the incorrectly large size, clicking it will revert it to normal small size. needs info 4.0 1 1 year
Pasting atop 'Measure repeat' doesn't paste rests active 4.x-dev 1 1 year
Pasting copied chords should replace existing ones needs info 3.5 4 3 years
Pasting cross-staff tuplets into the wrong staff results in a crash active 3.6 6 2 years
Pasting measures into multi-measure rest let the multi-measure rest disappear in Continuous View active 3.3 1 4 years
Pause extends arpeggio in playback active 1 9 years
Pausing playback causes glitchy delays/echoes (?) active 4.x-dev 3 1 year
Pb avec le glissando active 0 7 years
Pb MuseScore file open needs info 3 8 years
PC: cannot remove measures needs info 3.6 9 2 years
PDF Export does not set the PDF "Author" Property GitHub issue 3.1 6 3 months
PDF Export takes wrong pagesize (letter instead a4) needs info 3.0 11 3 years