Release notes for MuseScore 1.1

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MuseScore 1.1 was released July 27, 2011.

MuseScore 1.1 is a bug fix release. The focus of this release was stability by reducing bugs, only a very limited set of new features were added. Several new translations were added.

New Features

  • MuseScore Connect
  • add sol notehead, alternative brevist notehead group, new symbols for old notation
  • fix #4526 : Adding ties to chords
  • MuseJazz font includes triangle, circle with a slash, and other symbols for chords
  • MuseJazz font includes complete ASCII character set for text
  • New "MuseJazz" style to use MuseJazz for all text elements
  • New "Jazz Lead Sheet" template and style
  • New chord description (XML) files to switch between popular styles of chord symbols
  • Space / Shift-Space in chordname entry allows chords to be placed on beats with no notes
  • Tab / Shift-Tab in chordname entry skips to the next / previous measure
  • "Acoustic Bass" (pizz. default) added to instrument list

Bug fixes


  • fix printing of images (fix #10140 : Save as PDF with several images causes crash)
  • fix #11245 : MusicXML doesn't save Tempo Text if there's no name
  • fix crash on capella import with timesig 0
  • import part name from MusicXML
  • Add support for notehead color in MusicXML export and import
  • Add shape notehead support in MusicXML export and import
  • add MusicXML testfile for noteheads
  • import & export harmony even if not on chord/rest in MusicXML
  • fix #10849 : musicxml exports lyrics only with notes in voice 1.
    note: file attached to not handled yet
  • fix crash on WAV export in fluid
  • fix #9919 : error on open/read musicxml was not handled
  • fix #9842 : Tempo value not exported in Lilypond
  • fix #9830 : Percussion sounds not exported correctly in MusicXML


  • reduce default reverb gain from 0.5 to 0.2
  • fix #11164 : Synth control status on startup and audio export
  • fix #5142 : Notes do not release together in Swing or Shuffle mode
  • fix playback start position when repeat in the score
  • fallback to default soundfont if can't load the preferences one

Usability and interface

  • open MuseScore maximize on very first startup
  • fix entry of underline character in lyrics entry mode
    (for german keyboard press Strg+Umsch+"-", for english Ctrl+"_")
  • better handling of Tab key in text element
  • fix #11246 : change default number of measures and pickup measure timesig
  • Restore ability to delete instrument name in place
  • Right click on instrument name for staff properties
  • new chordstyle is apply now immediatly
  • remove "what's this" in toolbar and help menu
  • remove delete button in symboldialog, fix system flag
  • fix #10935 : fix Soundfont path //
  • fix #10934 : double error message on opening a 2.0 score
  • add shortcut for navigating between score tab


  • add timesig object in plugin framework
  • add undo support for scnote pitch and tuning
  • add : chord.small, chord.noStem, rest.small, note.velocity, score.keysig, score.timesig
  • set notehead shape from plugin framework
  • more page format option accessible via plugins


  • fix #10915 : Rename WRC to WRC.BAT in CMakeList.txt


  • fix #11267 : Shift + drag tuplet, delete, undo cause crash
  • fix #10585 : Accidental offset in small staves corrupted by saving and reloading (patch by Miwarre)
  • fix #10313 : Align settings in Edit Text Style dlg box not stored (patch by Miwarre)
  • fix rest position for 1 and 3 staff lines
  • don't play midi note according to preferences (
  • measure number no more selectable to avoid crash on undo
  • barline at start of system not selectable to avoid crash on undo
  • can't create empty part anymore
  • fix #10564 : Selecting voice before enabling Note Entry and entering notes causes crash
  • fix #9107 : Pasting multiple multi-voice notes causes crash
  • fix #9805 : Second Voice can end up broken
  • fix #9307 : Nested tuplets causes crash
  • fix crash reported in #10674 comment 2
  • fix #1722 : Continue last session tries to open discarded score
  • fix #9338 : chordname scrolls offscreen
  • fix #10660 : Continue last session & play panel enabled
  • fix #5900 : Courtesy accidentals lost in transposition
  • fix #9332 : Unable to create slash-headed notes on drum staff
  • fix #10165 : Measure num. every n shows number (every n) + 1
  • fix #9342 : repeat entry doesn't scroll display
  • fix #10048 : Opening Page Settings causes crash
  • fix #10370 : Shortcuts cannot be cleared, implement "reset to defaults" in preferences-shortcuts dialog
  • fix #10335 : importCharsetList does not appear
  • fix #10264 : Select a flag and enter a note causes crash
  • fix #7814 : error with single-line-staff percussion notation
  • don't print blue frame around selected image
  • fix #7944 : Instrument limit (again)
  • fix #9996 : Chord navigation does not work on multistaff
  • fix #9883 : Insert vertical frame between two parts of the same line (volta, cresc) causes crash
  • fix #9852 : Measure number hidden by horizontal frame
  • fix #9792 : Clef not displayed after changing clefs in previous measures
  • fix #9790 : Pasting notes featuring key signature change and lyrics corrupts following bar
  • fix crash when inserting vertical frame (


  • New languages: Faeroese, Slovak, Lithuanian, Croatian, Belarusian, Vietnamese, Esperanto, Persian
  • All existing languages are updated from