MuseScore 3.0 Alpha 2 Release

• Oct 31, 2018 - 08:48

We are pleased to announce the MuseScore 3.0 Alpha 2 release. This release shows the current state of MuseScore editor development. We fixed a lot of issues found after the first alpha release as well as others that existed before.

mu blog_upd.png

Packages are available here

Recent improvements

  • The autoplacement engine was reworked. It now requires less space and works significantly faster.
    screencast 2018-10-31 11-39-11.gif
  • Loading and displaying scores created in MuseScore 2 versions was improved. Custom offset for elements in the scores is respected now. BTW, we strongly recommend you reset all custom positions on opening the file to get the best experience. MuseScore will ask you to do that when you open a score created in old versions of MuseScore:

  • New styles mechanism was introduced. Now you can create styles and apply them to a set of elements in the score. Explore the new Inspector controls to learn more.

    screencast 2018-10-31 11-53-47.gif

  • The results of GSoC 2018 were successfully merged into MuseScore 3.
    There are now Tours to familiarize you with the editor interface:

    screencast 2018-10-31 12-10-27.gif

    A Score Comparison Tool allows comparing two scores (check out View->Score Comparison Tool) and looking for specific elements that have been changed:
    screencast 2018-10-31 12-25-15.gif

  • A new Piano Roll UI was developed by @blackears


  • A TimeWise input mode is now available via note input menu. This is an experimental feature which means the user interface may be reworked.

Autoupdate for MacOS

A brand new autoupdate engine was developed and included in MuseScore 3 alpha 2. Keeping up to date with the releases no longer requires you to manually go out and download them. Just let the autoupdater handle downloading and installing of the new version for you. Receiving our latest bugfixes and features was never easier.

We need your feedback

We added two buttons which help you to reach us with valuable feedback about the editor. The bug report button opens issue tracker page so you can create bug reports fast. The leave feedback button leads you to a form where you can leave feedback. is not supported yet

Scores created in MuseScore 3.0 alpha 2 are not supported on yet.
Uploading scores via the "Save Online" functionality in MuseScore 3.0 alpha 2 or via the website won't work until we support scores created in MuseScore 3.0 on (coming soon).

Upcoming changes

There are more pending pull requests which will be addressed as well as a list of the features we are going to improve and complete.

  • Improved Mixer UI
  • Reworked plugins framework
  • Autoupdate engine for Windows
  • Performance and autoplacement engine improvements
  • Better icons and splashscreen
  • Video tutorials for new features
  • Updated handbook for MuseScore 3.0
  • Updated translations


Does introduction of the autoupdate engine mean that
- MuseScore will no longer be offered in the Windows Store, or
- it will still be available there with the built-in updater removed?

I as a user would prefer the latter, since having one updater process for many apps is less annoying than having each app run their own special process with divergent UIs (and bugs).

What about playback improvements in Musescore 3. On legato for wind instruments, disminuendo and crescendo in a whole note, sforzando or fortepiano, etc.

How do I access the piano roll developed by @blackears? I figured it out--right click on measure to access option. However, the piano roll option is not available for unpitched percussion instruments.

In reply to by Sambaji

My guess is you are using a single-line percussion staff and not being careful enough about where you click - try directly on the line. Otherwise you get the generic context menu you'd get clicking on any completely blank area of the score, rather than the one for measures. But if you click the right spot, it does work. And yes, to me it's a bug that it's so finicky.

I don't see anything on backwards compatability - are we going to be able to load scores from musescore 2 into musescore 3?

In reply to by Rudimental Drummers

It is not something to install separately, its an integrated part of MuseScore itself.
You can test it (and many other things) out using the MuseScore 3.0 beta release. This beta installs itself in parallel with your existing 2.x installation without influencing it. If you have any issues/feedback please post them into the Development and Technology Preview forum.

Get the beta release here:

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