MuseScore 3.4.2 Release

• Feb 7, 2020 - 14:28

Today we are pleased to announce a patch update, MuseScore 3.4.2. It addresses few regressions introduced in MuseScore 3.4.

Download MuseScore 3.4.2 Release

Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit macOS 10.10 or higher Linux AppImage
(64-bit only)

MuseScore 3.3 announcement

Release notes


  • Telemetry dialog was not accessible for visually impaired people
  • Drum input palette worked incorrectly due to the changes involving single click behaviour
  • MuseScore crashed when pressing numbers/letters in a different voice when inputting tabs
  • Hidden pedal items were no longer displayed
  • "L" letter could not be typed when entering text

A full list of changes is available here.


Any plans of uploading the latest version to the Windows Store? It's on 3.3.4 still.

(I use the Windows Store version for any app I can, because that way I can get automatic background version updates with no user interaction. That is valuable to me and I would like to keep it that way)

Hi! I Installed the 3.5 version and encountered some issues, so i wanted to return to this 3.4.2 build which was working just fine, but when trying to download from here it directly leads me to the 3.5 installer! Is there another location for the 3.4.2 installer? I'm in OS X; thanks in advance!

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I'm sorry that you seem to have triggered a bug somehow. At least try updating to 3.5.0 instead of 3.4.2; it may be one of the hundreds that have been fixed in the meantime.

If the trigger however is the start center; then disable that in Preferences after starting MuseScore by opening a score directly. This bug will be fixed in 3.5.1 which is expected by the end of this month.

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