invisible line not selectable

• Aug 10, 2020 - 04:58
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

1) Create a pedal line
2) Change the pedal properties checkbox of Line Visible to blank (false / Invisible)
3) Select anything else
4) Try to select the invisible line- you won't be able to select it.

Note that this is the Line Visible property which causes the problem, not the Visible property of the line.


Frequency Many Few
Severity S2 - Critical S5 - Suggestion
Workaround No Yes

Frequency is few since there are now two of us wanting this feature. The severity is a suggestion since it's by design that you cannot select an invisible line when the check is removed from visible in the inspector. See for the workaround.

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This is by design?! If so that's very inconvenient as well as inconsistent. When I make a staccato note invisible I can select it later. I guess it isn't the same visible property, but what would be the use case for using line invisible but not just visible unchecked? My problem was that just using the visible property would not be enough for PDF generation to make the line be gone. If this has been fixed than I can ignore the Line Visible property and just use the Visible property and have my problem solved, but why would making something be invisible mean you now have to use a hard way to select it? That should be a separate property for any element, not just an overload of this one line visible property.

It very certainly is not Critical...
And when something is By Design, that doesn't mean this can't get changed. The current code behaves exactly as written and intended, so it isn't a bug.
A line on its own doesn't make sense to be invisible: so just don't do it.
A line with Text (like "Ped.____*") is still selectable