Expressive Instruments Bug

• Aug 15, 2020 - 02:25

Expressive versions of instruments don't play at the correct velocity assigned by dynamics. Ex. Taking a whole note and putting 'p' on it, the note will play correctly for less than a second and go to 'mf'. Velocity is set to default. I've already tried factory resetting next step is a full reinstall. It also doesn't work with hairpins either.

Below is where I was comparing the volume of the note, which is how I found it did play correctly for less than a second.

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Yeah that, but they also dont work with dynamics on their own. After a bit of testing I think I've deduced the problem, it looks like expr. don't just only work with setting the instrument on the mixer to it. Ex. Just adding a piano and using the mixer to set it to French Horn Expr. It has to be the instrument under staff prop. as well now. I'll record an example of what I mean for clarification in a bit.

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I quote (Jojo), a few comments above: "So you're having dynamics and hairpins and tied notes and expr. sounds that don't play along with one another nicely right? That IMHO is a known issue"

My few searches are not successful at the moment, what exactly is this known issue you are talking about in the Issue Tracker?

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