Inaccurate Audio Playback, some notes not sounding on website audio playback.

• Nov 27, 2020 - 22:11
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With four compositions that I have updated in the last week, three of them developed an issue with regards to the audio playback on the Musescore Website. The two examples below were both originally uploaded a while ago, but only developed this issue this week when I updated them. Op 1 No 6 has a general distortion effect to its playback that only that upload has, and is likely a separate issue from the main one. But, both pieces feature notes, written on the score, and shown on the "piano tutorial" viewing format, that are not sounded. I have tried re uploading Op 2 No 15 Variation 2 separately after I discovered the issue, which made no difference. I have also uploaded two scores to Musescore that had not been uploaded before, but both feature this same issue. The issue does not occur on the IOS app however. The playback has no issues on the mscz files either when editing them locally, only once uploaded on the Musescore website.
OS: Windows 10MuseScore version (64-bit):
The version of Musescore I am currently using is, revision: 465e7b6, although at the time of reuploading the three effected pieces, I was running a previous version, of which I do not know which iteration of Musescore 3 it was. I am running Windows 10, 64 bit.
I could not find any report for this issue, so I apologise if it has already been addressed somewhere already, and I am sorry if the issue is a rather trivial one, but I have not encountered this issue until this week and do not know how to fix it.
Thank you in advance.
If you wish to have access to the other effected pieces, they are all under this set:

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In my initial upload to saved score attempt to circumvent this issue, the audio glitch still existed. However, in trying again two weeks later, the glitch has been removed. No notes are skipped anymore. I did nothing differently between these two attempts so I assume a patch released between them fixed, either intentionally or serendipitously. Op 1 No 6 still has its distortion effect which I know no precedence for, but the main issue of inaccurate note playback on the website has been seemingly fixed. Thank you.

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There have indeed been some fixes recently to the MuseScore backend on Not sure though whether any of those relate to this issue here. It might have been aeded21

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There is a separate issue with that piece specifically that is different from the main issue described in this thread. I mentioned it briefly because it only occurred on that one piece. The issue of notes not being played in the audio playback has been fixed, but Op 1 No 6 also had an issue of the audio playback being somewhat distorted. I didn't initially create a separate report for that issue because the inaccurate note playback was a bigger priority. And the 'distortion' isn't actually that big of an issue as all it does is make the playback sound like its using a different sound font. But, since the main issue is now solved, the distortion of No 6 is the only other issue I have left.