Starting playback on tied notes doesn't play the note

• Apr 10, 2014 - 09:37
S4 - Minor


Expected result: the note is played and hold
Actual result: the note is not played.


The same is true also for notes starting earlier in the same measure, for instance with the following steps:

1) Create a score in, say, 4/4 and with two parts
2) enter a whole note in the 1st measure of 1st part
3) enter a half note in the second half of 1st measure of 2nd part
4) select this half note and play

Result: the half note is played while the second half of the whole note is not played.


However, I do not think this to be a bug; rather, this is what I would expect: playing the tied note (or a note held from a previous moment in the measure) would give a 'wrong' result in most cases. For at least two reasons:

1) Acoustically, for many instruments (in principle, all plucked strings, piano and many percussions) this would attack the note when it should be already 'mid-way' (and softer). Even for instruments which can sustain the sound (bowed strings and winds), there would be a difference, (albeit smaller).

2) Musically, a chordal progression is different if notes 'appear' in the chord with a different timing. This is fixed into formal rules for modal and tonal Western music, but more or less informally applies to most kinds of music.

So, IMHO, 'wrong' for 'wrong', I prefer the current behaviour.


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I am of two minds here. I often wish the notes starting earlier would play. But I'm sure there would be times I wished they wouldn't. I'm in the habit of starting playback a little earlier than I really want to make sure I hear what I need, and I'm OK with that.

As I tend to compose pieces with notes held for many measures, I find going back some times forty-odd bars to hear the beginning of a sustained note quite inconvenient. I am often, therefore, forced to leave off the ties until much later in the compojitional process, that I might pick up playback at any moment and hear all of the notes.

That's a feature I would love too. If play was activated in the middle of a note, could a functionality look backwards until the start of the note and calculate the current sound? That would solve the 'attack' objection raised by Miwarre in the first point, but I don't know whether that's possible.