F9 to hide palettes crashes MuseScore

• Jan 24, 2021 - 11:10
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I don't know fixed scenario to reproduce, only that it happens to me several times a day with all kind of scores, not a specific one.
I have send trace report as suggested by the dialog box appearing at crash, hopefully that will be enough to understand the cause


I think (but not 100% sure) that all these crashes happens in that scenario:
MuseScore is maximized with Mixer, Inspector and Palettes opened.
1) resize half screen by drag and drop the MuseScore window
2) close F8 F10 F9 => crash at F9. Not sure at all if I do F8 F10 or F10 F8

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I'm on Window 10, I don't know if that exists in Linux.
With the mouse drap and drop the title bar of the MuseScore window to the right (or the left) of the screen. MS-Windows will automatically resize your window half-screen (and asks you which window you want to display on the other half of screen, in my case will be VLC)

Yes, I can always reproduce a crash following the steps from this comment. Actually the same works with Mixer as well, even with less steps:
1) Ensure palettes are hidden (if not, hide them with F9 or by closing the panel).
2) Open Mixer, drag a volume slider for some instrument (I don't get a crash with "master gain" slider though).
3) Press F9 to show palettes.
4) Press F10 to close Mixer.
5) Press F9 to hide palettes.
At step 5 I always get a crash.

I am not sure whether it is exactly the same issue you have reported but conditions seem to be quite similar.

Been this way for several years I guess. The intent seems to be to remember where the focus was when the palette was enabled, and return focus there when it is closed. I'd just as soon see it go to the scoreview regardless of where it might have been at some point in the past.

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I could just as well close this as a duplicate of the other issue (for which I just submitted a PR), but just in case there is something different going on and the steps don't involve closing another window between the time the palette was opened and the time it was closed, I'll leave it open for steps to reproduce.