Playback out of sync

• Mar 19, 2021 - 15:03

Hey everybody,
I'm writing a piece for voice and piano. For whatever reason the soundfont for the voice is out of sync with the piano soundfont. Rhythmically everything lines up where it's supposed to, but the voice is just a little bit behind. Maybe it's because I was an opera singer for a little over a decade so I'm accustomed to "coming in early" (we're trained to have the vowel land on the note, so the consonants have to come in ever-so-slightly early), but I know this is going to make it sound terrible when I render it as an mp3. Any suggestions?…


Most likely, it's just a matter of the sound you are using for the vocal part having a slow attack that doesn't reach full volume until a few milleseconds after the onset of the note.

Easiest fix would be to use View / Mixer to select a different sound for the vocal staff, one with a quicker attack. A lot of people like using woodwind or stringed instruments, for example. That still won't make it come in early, but it won't appear as if it were late, either.

Again, for further assistance, best to attach your score.

just create a shadow bar for the piano and let it play 1/16th or 1/32nd behind the voice, mute the original piano bar.

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