• Mar 2, 2016 - 00:27

Can anybody tell me how to make pauses work in playback? They appear on the score but the music doesn't hesitate. Similarly the playback doesn't do the imperceptible break that you need at the end of a line in eg a hymn tune. Is there any way of controlling thes micro variations of tempo?


Assuming you mean fermatas, to make them affect playback you can use the Inspector to set the time stretch factor. No automatic way to add slight breaks at ends of hymns. You could add a fermata to the last note, then hide it if you don't want it to show. You could also right click the measure and use the piano roll editor to shorten that last note, which would have the effect of adding a pause.

In general, though, MuseScore is designed primarily for notation. Fine tuning playback is often better performed in a program that is designed primarily for that purpose (eg, a seqwuencer or DAW software).

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