Changing key signature adding naturals.

• Aug 3, 2021 - 03:49

So lets I am trying To change the flavour of the song from Major to Phrygian Mode or my custom Key signature, when i drag that to the staff it ads the naturals on all the notes that will be affected by the key signature, how do i avoid that?


I think I figured out, Just selecting all and and clicking natural symbol twice helps ?but it may be a wrong way, please tell me better solution

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Sounds like you are saying you want to make the piece diatonic in the new mode - to literally change the pitches of some but not all notes, to make them conform to the key?

A nice trick for that is the diatonic transposition commands - Alt+Shift+Up/Down. Go up then back down and you'll have all notes sitting on their original lines and spaces but with accidentals removed. Another option is to right click an accidental, Select / All Similar Elements, delete. But your method should work as well.

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Will this not work?

In simplest terms:

Decide on a key and write your score.

If you want to transpose to a different modality, find a key that has the accidentals for the starting key plus the altered intervals in the modality and transpose to that key.

Transpose again using the diatonic transposition but this time transpose the number of steps difference between the key you just transposed from and the key you started with.

The only problem is the resulting key signature and whether it means anything to you in regards to the modality and things can get a little messy with starting keys that would require transposing to a key with double flats to become modalities.

In the latter, using enharmonic equivalents for those keys allows the transposition process to work.

Other that requiring some knowledge of theory and being able to count it works for me.

A feature to change the key without changing the written notes (and therefore with changing the pitches) has been requested but never implemented. You can achieve that goal in two steps though : transpose (diatonatically if necessary) and change key, like Marc has explained. It requires some maths/music computation to get the desired result but is doable. Having the option to change the key keeping the written notes would be a lot easier.

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